Super Bomberman R 2 revealed with a battle royale and new Castle Mode

Super Bomberman R 2 Header

Konami has announced Super Bomberman R 2, coming with brand new game modes when it launches for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2023.


Super Bomberman R 2 will bring with it two key standout game modes. There’s a battle royale that will feature up to 64 players, following in the footsteps of the soon-to-be-shut-down Super Bomberman R Online – perhaps Konami will be shifting those servers over to support this full successor?

Beyond that, Super Bomberman R 2 will innovate with a new Castle Mode. This is a 16-player mode in which 15 players try to blast their way across maps to reach treasure chests, while one single player tries to stop them.

We can look back on a pair of Super Bomberman R games to see where the series is now heading, with Super Bomberman R Online originally launching as a Google Stadia exclusive. In our review of Super Bomberman R Online, Dom said, “An infectious, frantic multiplayer blast, Super Bomberman R Online’s major caveat comes from its place amongst the current raft of Stadia exclusives. It doesn’t seem to be the place that people are choosing to play major multiplayer games, but in the case of Super Bomberman R Online, that’s a crying shame.”

Meanwhile, we can also look back on the Nintendo Switch launch title (before it eventually released for PS4, Xbox One and PC). In our Super Bomberman R review, Dom had plenty of criticisms, saying “Bomberman R isn’t remotely a £50 game. It is, at its base, a solid entry in a much-loved franchise, and one that plays to the Nintendo Switch’s strengths, even if will require plenty of investment to get the most out of it. The current online woes also do little to make it feel like a well-rounded package, making it difficult to recommend to anyone but the most committed Bomberman fan.

Here’s hoping that Super Bomberman R 2 can push on to new heights.

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