The free Xbox Games with Gold for July 2022 have been announced

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The free Xbox Games with Gold for July 2022 have been revealed, with four free games being handed out to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscribers over the course of the month. It’s the same set up as always, but how does it compare to the leaked batch of PS Plus Essential titles?

What are July 2022’s Xbox Games with Gold?

The four games are the usual set of two Xbox One titles and two Xbox or Xbox 360 games that can be played via backward compatibility. Everything is playable on Xbox Series X|S as well. The four games will be made available at different points through the month, as follows:


So, do June’s Games with Gold add up to a good month for subscribers? Well… I’ve heard of two of them… and they’re the Xbox 360 ones. So let’s start there.

Torchlight came out during one of the great barren patches in the Diablo franchise, an indie action RPG hack ‘n’ slasher that really rekindled some of the interest in the genre (or at least fed those that were hungry for a new game like this.

In our Torchlight review, Dan called it “an enjoyable game for [genre] fans, and also a good entry point for those curious about the genre as most of it isn’t particularly difficult. The lacklustre mine design is more than compensated by the sheer amount of loot and customisation that’s on offer, and you will find yourself sitting down for a quick session only to be glued to the screen two hours later. Bring on Torchlight II.”

It’s a good game, but…. it’s been on Games with Gold in the past in August 2019.

Torchlight Xbox Games with Gold July 2022

Beyond that, I’ve also heard of theme park manager Thrillville from Frontier Developments. Thrillville: Off the Rails followed in the original’s tracks in the early days of the Xbox 360 – 2007 to be exact. Frontier’s made much better management sims since then, though.

As for the Xbox One titles? I’ve not a clue, so let’s lean on Xbox’s own descriptions:

Beasts of Maravilla Island

Unlock the wonder by taking pictures of the elusive and beautiful creatures on a mysterious, dreamlike island. Explore a 3D jungle teeming with unusual and playful life. Climb, explore, and solve puzzles. Use your grandfather’s journals and his trusty old camera to snap pics of otter-crocodiles, birds disguised as bananas, and much more. It’s up to you and your photographer’s eye to help share Maravilla’s magic with the world.


Play as a physicist stranded on an eerie derelict moon base. Find your way by bending gravity and magnetism to your will. Buried in the darkness of the lunar craters is a secret that might claim your daughter’s life or change the fate of humanity forever. Solve puzzles in a game where every corner holds a mystery and each step is a challenge.

I think we can say that PS Plus wins this month…

Can I still download the June’s 2022 Games with Gold Games?

Yes! You’ve still got a couple days to grab most of last month’s games. Due to Microsoft’s staggered freebies, Super Meat Boy has already exited the service, but the the other three games are still available, either until the end of today (be quick!) or until the middle of June. Here’s the links

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