For Honor update nerfs Conqueror, guardbreak changes coming

for honor year 6 season 2

Ubisoft has released a For Honor update after reworking one of the game’s oldest heroes.

In a previous For Honor update, the developers kicked off Year 6 Season 2 while giving two characters a refresh including the Shaolin and Conqueror.


However, since entering the Testing Grounds and getting a much-request glow up, the Conqueror has been dominating in multiplayer melees. In short, their speedy attack chains and ability to quickly reposition gives the Knight hero a big advantage over most of the current roster. Here are the changes Ubisoft has implemented.

For Honor Update 2.63.3 Patch Notes



  • Branchings to Infinite Chained Heavy and Shield Bash In Chains are now 200ms on Hit and Bad Block

Developer’s Comment: This should allow the opponent to Dodge after being Hit by a Heavy.

  • Full Block Stance now forces to stay 200ms in the stance before being able to exit

Developer’s Comment: Conqueror now spends 200ms in a forced clip then 33ms in the looped clip. This should prevent Conqueror from being able to enter Full Block Stance then release and Counter Guard Break.

  • Flail Uppercut recovery on Hit and Miss is now 800ms (was 700ms)

Developer’s Comment: This removes Conqueror’s frame advantage on Hit.

In the meantime, the doors to the Testing Grounds are once again open for business. However, instead of reworking another pair of heroes, Ubisoft wants to rethink guardbreaks. Here’s the gist of what the devs plan on changing:

Recoveries should be immune to guardbreak. This makes it so you simply do not get interrupted by a Guardbreak (and then a Heavy attack, and potentially even more if your opponent has an ally nearby!) during ANY recovery, including when attacks are missed. This lets players attack more with less fear of reprisal. It does not mean that you’ll never get interrupted (Light and Heavy attacks exist, after all!) but it does make it much safer to use a wider variety of attacks in multiple situations.

Year 6 Season 2 – Curse of the Scarab – is now live with an ancient Egyptian themed battle pass, teasing the arrival of a new hero.

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