Sniper Elite 5 update adds new map, balances Invasion Mode & more

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Rebellion has released a new Sniper Elite 5 update giving a fresh polish pass across Karl’s latest snipe-tastic mission, tweaking the popular Invasion Mode, and adding a free new multiplayer map… kind of.

The new map takes the existing No-Cross Urban Ruins map and makes it playable in nighttime for Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Squad Match modes. To make it better suited to these modes, there’s new cover added t othe central park and they’ve opened up some other areas to offer new tactics.


Some players have been enraptured by the new Invasion Mode, wherein you can invade a campaign player’s game as an Axis sniper to try and take them out on their way through the mission. This being the first time that Rebellion has implemented such a mode, they’ve had to make some balance tweaks with this new Sniper Elite 5 update after seeing how the community actually plays the game. The Axis sniper has been made less powerful by reducing their kit to 1 grenade and 1 landmine and swapping out certain skills.

Beyond that, the way the mode is triggered has been modified. You no longer get bonus XP for simply having the mode enabled, and Rebellion has made it so that invasions are less common during the first few missions in the game. They’ve also re-balanced the anti-AFK timer, made it so that hosts can simply kick invaders from their game, and fixed a bug so that you can’t just be constantly invaded by new players.

There’s further changes to the Kar98K’s balance in particular, the end of mission Field Report, controller deadzones, accessibility options and more, all of which are revealed in the patch notes.

Speaking of which, here’s the Sniper Elite 5 update patch notes!

Sniper Elite 5 Update General Fixes

  • Removed some input delay and softened the edges of the deadzone for ‘aiming’ input. This should result in better fine aiming control.
  • Various fixes to prevent the player falling or hanging through the floor, or getting stuck in the ‘falling’ animation
  • Fixed general collision issues allowing players to walk through some walls in varying locations
  • Various fixes to players getting stuck on ladders
  • Fixed an issue preventing camera control when a player enters Photo Mode with ironsights
  • The free cam has now been restricted slightly in Photo Mode, to avoid exploits during Axis Invasions
  • Fixed an issue incorrectly allowing weapon scroll when using a mounted machine gun
  • Med Kits will now work as expected on application
  • The Precision Machines Receiver attachment will now correctly reduce speed rather than increase it
  • The Austen Control Grip will now improve recoil recovery as expected
  • Jeff Sullivan’s equipment will now appear as expected when selecting him as a playable character
  • ‘Show Off’ and ‘Saboteur’ Medals should now unlock correctly
  • Machine Gunners will no longer T-pose when shot
  • Player can no longer equip weapons or binoculars when using a mounted machine gun
  • Dead enemies hidden in crates no longer continue to move
  • Player is no longer able to hide underwater in the Landing Zone Multiplayer map
  • Grenades will no longer get stuck to the player’s hand when attempting to throw them
  • Grenade arcs will no longer disappear unexpectedly
  • Fixed an issue impacting the ability to use the Grenade hotkey
  • Fixed an issue causing Herr Grunberg’s name to display incorrectly when looking at them through the binoculars
  • The overpressure magazine now correctly lists ‘Increase Bullet Drop’ as a con
  • Enemy AI will no longer disappear from the map when a cut scene gets triggered
  • Booby-trapped bodies will now explode as expected
  • Fixed an issue causing Flare Guns to slow down movement
  • Players will no longer be able to obtain the Authentic Trophy by exploiting the ability to change difficulties in the pause menu
  • Fixed an issue causing an inability to drop dead bodies on pick-up
  • Fixed an issue causing AI to get caught in a consistent investigation loop
  • Fruit boxes will no longer levitate or appear to multiply unexpectedly
  • Fixed an issue in Survival Mode causing the crew in armoured vehicles to remain alive after the vehicle’s destruction, halting progression onto the next wave.
  • Fixed an issue stopping the Satchel Charge from unlocking on completion of the campaign
  • Fixed an issue causing a game crash when already exiting
  • Fixed an issue some players were experiencing where Axis soldiers would get suck crouched in mid-air
  • Fixed an issue causing birds to get stuck in place
  • Fixed an issue causing wind to be disabled incorrectly in Campaign/Survival
  • The trigger volume for Mines has now been increased to ensure they activate in range, regardless of human or vehicle targets
  • Fixed an animation glitch causing an AI soldier to get off his bike after being shot, despite being dead
  • Fixed an issue causing headlights to turn on and off based on the player’s proximity
  • Microphone volume will no longer automatically return to 100% each time a player returns to game
  • Additional minor bug fixes and improvements

Mission 1 – Atlantic Wall:

  • The enemy at the boathouse will now spawn correctly so players can retrieve the key and proceed to the next section of the map
  • Marcel’s key will now correctly unlock the floorboard after retrieving it from the building’s Attic
  • Fixed a bug causing the ending cut scene to play too early for some players
  • The Beach Defences collectible item will now appear correctly
  • The kill list target Steffen Beckendorf’s vehicle will no longer disappear

Mission 2 – Occupied Residence

  • Fixed an issue causing the chandelier to activate twice if shot and then activated via the lever
  • Fixed a bug stopping some players from unlocking the Karabiner 98 after killing Freidrich with a chandelier

Mission 4 – War Factory:

  • Fixed an issue halting progression after sabotaging the Smelting Vat by pulling the lever
  • Fixed an issue stopping some players from being able to sabotage the crane by pressing the switch
  • Players will now be able to exfiltrate Mission 4 as expected
  • Fixed an issue stopping players from being able to enter the building via the vent
  • Fixed an issue causing irregular movement when walking down the stairs in Mission 4
  • Fixed a bug stopping players from being able to enter via the roof hatch to obtain the collectible item
  • Fixed an issue causing the mission to end too early when entering the building near the kill list target

Mission 5 – Festung Guernsey:

  • The objective to bury Lanzo Baumann in concrete will now complete as expected on completion
  • Specific to Xbox players, in Mission 5 players are now able to interact and destroy the radio with the crowbar as expected

Mission 6 – Libération:

  • Fixed an issue causing some irregular movement of the kill list target Jaan Trautmann
  • The 222 tank will now spawn as expected

Mission 7 – Secret Weapons:

  • Fixed an issue stopping the Kill List reward, the RSC1918, from unlocking after the V2 rocket has been dropped onto Dr Jungers.
  • Fixed an issue causing irregular movement on ladders in Mission 7 which sometimes resulted in players getting stuck
  • Fixed an issue causing a box to float

Mission 8 – Rubble And Ruin:

  • Fixed an issue causing enemies to be appear invisible in the hangar

Target Führer DLC – Wolf Mountain:

  • Fixed an issue impacting the ability to pick up a crowbar
  • Hitler will now acknowledge the player as expected during a gun fight
  • Specific to Xbox players, in Mission 10 the tower will fall as expected once the cables are sabotaged with the bolt cutters

Sniper Elite 5 Updated Accessibility:

  • FoV Slider: Adjust the FoV between 60-120. Limited to PC only
  • Toggle Stealth Highlight: Remove the outline around the player when in stealth foliage. Found in the Difficulty Customisation setting “Greatly Reduced HUD”
  • Pan Map with Keyboard: Map can now be panned on Keyboard using the arrow keys
  • Auto Run: When enabled, press the traversal button to toggle auto run. Karl will run forwards and you can adjust direction and state (walk, crouch, prone, sprint)
  • Auto Traversal: When enabled, Karl will automatically traverse small obstacles when walking or sprinting
  • Auto Climb: When enabled, Karl will automatically climb in the direction you push
  • Toggle Aim: When enabled, aim can be toggled on and off using a press of the aim key*
  • Toggle Radial Menu: When enabled, the radial menu can be toggled on and off using a press of the inventory button

Sniper Elite 5 is out now across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, a fine return for Rebellion’s most popular game series that injects a number of new ideas into the familiar stealth sniping formula. In our Sniper Elite 5 review, I said:

“With a new WW2 tale to tell and Axis plot to foil, Sniper Elite 5 expands and refines a lot of the action that will be familiar to fans of Sniper Elite 4. There’s a few rough edges, but this is a fun stealth action romp for Karl Fairburne.”

Source: Rebellion

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