Sony reveal Inzone PC gaming headsets and monitors with PS5 support

Sony Inzone M9 PC Gaming Monitor Headset Header

Sony has created Inzone, a new gaming gear brand that is, unusually for the PlayStation manufacturer, geared toward PC gaming with a range of new gaming headsets and high-end gaming monitors.

Let’s start with the two new gaming monitors, the Inzone M9 and Inzone M3. The Inzone M9 is a 27″ 4K monitor with 144Hz refresh rate, combining an IPS panel with Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) to offer HDR gaming with the DisplayHDR 600 rating, and featuring support for variable refresh rates over the HDMI 2.1 standard. It will be available for £999 this summer.

The Inzone M3 is also a 27″ monitor, but instead features a 1080p panel with a 240Hz refresh rate. It too has VRR support, but lacks FALD and so only offers DisplayHDR 400, but then it’s really geared toward more competitive players who want ultra-high refresh rates. Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but it will be available this winter.

Sony Inzone M9 Monitor 4K 144Hz

Both monitors feature a distinctive “low depth” tripod stand, a built in Auto KVM, so you can quickly switch between and control two PCs. The M9 additionally comes with fancy LED backlighting, and will autodetect a connected PlayStation 5 for Auto HDR Tone Mapping and switch between Cinema Mode and Game Mode.

Onward to the headsets, there are three to choose from with the wireless Inzone H9, H7 and wired H3. All three models share a common black and white design that’s sure to go well with the PS5, and come with a flexible boom microphone that you can flip up to mute yourself. On PC, Sony has created the Inzone Hub app that enables Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming, which can be optimised using a smartphone to take photos of your ears, while PS5 will automatically apply its own Tempest 3D AudioTech. There is PS5 software support so you’ll see changes to headset volume and settings in a pop-up on screen.

The Inzone H9 is the top-end model priced at £269. It comes with active noise cancelling building off the foundations of the their excellent 1000X series headphones – there’s also an ‘Ambient Sound Mode’ – and has a 32 hour battery life and 10-minute quick charge to get you one hour of game time. The £199 Inzone H7 lacks noise cancelling, which means it can get 40 hours of battery life. Finally the H3 costs £89 and has no battery… because it’s wired!

Sony Inzone PC Gaming Peripherals

Are ya winning, Sony?

It’s all rather interesting to see Sony stepping into the PC gaming market with these new peripherals, and are doing so with a new brand. Their range of PlayStation accessories remains relatively restrained as well, with the now dated PlayStation Gold and Platinum headsets from the PS4 generation and the newer Pulse 3D headset tied to the PS5. Yes there’s PlayStation support with Inzone, but it’s still strange not to feature the PlayStation branding.

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