XIII remake is being remade again, also coming to Switch

xiii remake

Following the disastrous launch of 2020’s XIII remake, publisher Microids has announced a major upgrade coming later this year. This is effectively another pass at modernising the 2003 comic-inspired shooter, with a Nintendo Switch version also confirmed to be in the works.


Originally developed by PlayMagic, the project has now been passed to French studio, Tower Five, which has been working on the XIII update “for more than a year”. Both the free upgrade and Nintendo Switch version will be available from September 13, 2022.

When it launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in November 2020, XIII was mauled by disappointed fans and reviewers, bagging a poor OpenCritic average score of 34. Dragged down by myriad technical issues and a confusing change of art direction, it was quickly labelled one of the worst remakes/remasters of all time.

Microids was quick to issue an apology, patching the game to remedy many of the bugs players had flagged. Fans won’t be quick to forget the game’s disappointing launch but at least the publisher has gone out of its way to try and rectify its mistakes.

“We are fully aware and terribly sorry that the initial launch of XIII Remake on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC did not reach players’ expected quality standards,” said Stéphane Longeard, CEO de Microids.

A bit more than a year ago we took the decision to hire the studio Tower Five to finish the development of the game. Tower Five worked with us in the past, notably on the great port of Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders on Nintendo Switch. We really wanted to take the time to fix the game and offer owners of XIII Remake a free update paying the best possible tribute to the original game we all love. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will of course benefit from all the work done to improve the game as well as the multiplayer mode, which will mark the end of the game’s development. We can’t wait for players to put their hands on this improved version of the game and (re)discover the classic adventures of Agent XIII, as soon as it’s released after the Summer.

Hopefully the XIII remake will deliver this second time around. We’ll find out when it launches in September.

Source: Microids

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