Company of Heroes 3 release date, pre-order bonuses confirmed

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Sega and Relic Entertainment have officially announced a Company of Heroes 3 release date. This news comes alongside details on the sequel’s pre-order bonuses as well as the premium edition.

Company of Heroes 3 will launch on PC via Steam on November 17, 2022. While strategy fans have to wait a few more months to get their hands on the game, for a limited time you can play Mission Alpha by heading over to the official COH3 website.

Those who pre-order before the Company of Heroes 3 release date can bag some extra DLC. This will unlock the Devil’s Brigade pack, giving players access to cosmetics based on the real-life elite commando unit.

A premium edition of the game is currently up for preorder with physical and digital versions available. Throwing some extra money down for one of these editions will unlock bonus content as well as the first expansion planned for 2023. Those collectors out there can also get their hands on a metal case as well as a COH3 service medal and pocket compass.

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It’s been almost 10 years since the last game in the series. However, where Company of Heroes 2 focused mainly on the Eastern Front, its successor takes the battle to the Mediterranean theatre of war. It will offer several different campaigns to play as well as four distinct factions to enlist in. That means plenty of new vehicles and units to deploy, opening up a wealth of combat options.

The game will feature some of the key battles from history, but with the sandbox style campaign map, expect for them to play out very differently to what you’ve read about in books or seen in The World at War reruns. The game has been developed in collaboration with the Company of Heroes community, which has swelled in size since it was announced. Relic has stated that over 200,000 players are now involved with giving feedback regarding the game, and having an influence on how development moves forward.

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