An Aliens game is coming to PC, consoles and VR from the makers of Raw Data

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A new Aliens game is in development by Survios, the makers of great VR titles Raw Data, Sprint Vector. This will be one of their most ambitious titles yet, as a single player action-horror that will be coming to PC, consoles and to VR headsets – so yes, you can almost certainly look out for it on PSVR2.

Featuring an original storyline set between the events of Alien and Aliens, more will be revealed during a San Diego Comic-Con panel on 21st July next week, which could reveal the game’s name, platforms, and more on the setting.

We’re currently seeing a number of developers getting the chance to mine the vein of potential offered by the Aliens franchise. Since plumbing the depths of Aliens: Colonial Marines almost a decade ago, we’ve been treated to the excellent Alien: Isolation, and there’s been the solid co-op shooter of Aliens: Fireteam Elite released last year. There’s also the upcoming Aliens: Dark Descent to look forward to, which looks to be an isometric tactical shooter and is coming from Focus and Tinadlos Interactive.

What I’m sure many will be excited about for Surivos’ Aliens game is the native VR support being baked into the game. VR has proven itself to be a great fit for horror games, and Alien: Isolation is proof of that in its own right. The game never officially featured VR headset support, but shipped with a hidden experimental mode that was designed for the development Oculus Rift DK2 and limited to seated play because of it. This was never enabled for consumer headsets, but enterprising modders were quick to latch onto it and enable it for more PC headsets.

Having built themselves up on VR gaming, Survios released their first non-VR title late last year with Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions. Not everything they’ve touched has been amazing – The Walking Dead Onslaught, we’re looking at you – but Raw Data was a great debut title, and Sprint Vector a surprising follow up.

In our Sprint Vector review, Jim said, “Sprint Vector is a wonderful surprise and by far the best VR title I’ve played in 2018 so far. The feeling of movement is just so ridiculously fun and empowering yet precise and responsive at the same time. When it all comes together – the drifts, the jumps, and the well-timed manoeuvres – there’s honestly nothing else like it.”

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  1. Cool. Given Alien:Isolation is my favourite game of all time, I better keep my expectations in check. But hey, maybe it’ll be a fun game, so let’s see.

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