Mario Strikers: Battle League Football first update adds Daisy, Shy Guy, new armour & a stadium

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Nintendo has revealed what’s in the first free content update for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. When it drops on Friday, the Wave One update for Mario Strikers will add Daisy and Shy Guy as playable characters, as well as adding more armour types and a new stadium to do battle in.

Daisy is described as a playmaker who’s tough to intercept, her forte being her high Technique stat, followed by good Strength and Passing. She’s also got a rather audacious ultimate strike. Shy Guy, meanwhile, it  a pure all-rounder with all the stats at 12 or 13 our of the maximum 25.

Mario Strikers free DLC Daisy

There’s a new set of Gear to unlock and equip with the Knight set. This increases both strength and shooting, while sapping away speed and technique as the consequence.

Finally, there’s the Desert Ruin Stadium, which can be played with in Battles or set as your Striker’s Club Stadium.

Two more major content updates are planned for later this year, with Nintendo promising more new characters, more stadium and more gear sets. It’s not clear if it will be two characters per wave, and it’s also not certain if there’s any content planned for 2023 or beyond, but this should grow the game’s core quite nicely.

Launching back in June, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football revived the cult classic Mario sports series for the Nintendo Switch. A solid all-rounder, it’s perhaps lacking in solo player content, but sees Nintendo push the series over toward online multiplayer with features like the Striker’s Club. Checking in on our Mario Strikers: Battle League Football review, Steve said:

“Mario Strikers: Battle League is a worthy entry in an excellent series that takes the best aspects of the previous games and hones them to multiplayer perfection. It is more difficult to recommend for solo players – although the core game is still fun – but the online mode enablse everyone to play the game at its best.”

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