Witness the Destiny 2 showcase on August 24th

Destiny 2 update 4.0.1
Destiny 2 update 4.0.1

Bungie have announced a Destiny 2 showcase for August 24th and it looks like we will be getting a better look at The Witness, the new big bad who was introduced during The Witch Queen expansion. There’s a video but it’s currently only on Twitter so is compressed to hell, as soon as there’s a nice YouTube version I’ll put it up.

If you haven’t been paying attention – and quite frankly I don’t blame you the Destiny lore is so dense these days – The Witness is the being who commands the pyramid ships that have been in the Destiny lore since almost day one. They (and I’m not being woke here, The Witness seems to be a gestalt entity of many minds) have been pulling strings from beyond and influencing many of the game’s other enemies such as Callus and The Witch Queen herself.

The Witness is also the reason why plants keep on vanishing from the game rather than Bungie finding the game becoming to unwieldy. How convenient.

Bungie have not released any details for the showcase but I would expect at least some content for Lightfall, the next big expansion for the game that should arrive in the first quarter of 2023. With a name like Lightfall and The Witness being very ominous it does sound like it’s not going to be a happy time for the Guardians. Rumours suggest that they may even lose The Last City, and indeed the whole of Earth, to the Witness. This may be why the H.E.L.M. was introduced and why, after previously being stationed on the planet, it flew off in to orbit during the latest season.

It also rumoured that a new enemy race, the Lubraeans, will be introduced, and perhaps a new Light subclass.

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