Sniper Elite 5 Landing Force DLC is out today with a free multiplayer map for all players

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The first DLC expansion for Sniper Elite 5 is out today, with Landing Force adding a new mission and new weapons to kick of DLC Season Pass One. There’s also a free new multiplayer map for all players of the game.


Out now across Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, the Landing Force expansion’s headline new feature is the Landing Force Mission. Developed in partnership with Flix Interactive and inspired by the classic war movie The Guns of Navarone, the mission sees Karl having to infiltrate a huge gun battery installation on an island just off the coast of Southern France. Your goal is simply to destroy the weapons under the cover of darkness and then signal to the Allies that they’re clear to begin Operation Dragoon.

As with all the levels in Sniper Elite 5, Landing Force provides plenty of avenues to explore the scenery and pick your own route through to the objectives, sneaking and sniping your way through ancient ruins, forts, abandoned structures, and the rest of the now militarised island.

You might choose to make use of two new weapons in your arsenal. The D.L. Carbine is one of the quietest weapons ever made, but is still able to eliminate enemies at long range despite this. Then there’s the PPSH submachine gun that fires bullets at a blisteringly high rate.

Flooded Village is then added as a new multiplayer map for all players of the game. It takes inspiration froom images of Normandy during the events of D-Day, as the Nazi occupiers sought to slow the Allied attackers by opening locks and breaking down flood defences. The map, then, features vantage points overlooking flooded plains, with flooded houses, a railway bridge and a causeway sure to be popular spots for overwatch. The map is compatible with all multiplayer modes including No Cross.

This Landing Force DLC is the first of four content drops in Season Pass One. It’s available as part of the Season Pass for £29.99/$34.99/€34.99, or as a standalone purchase for for £11.99/$14.99/€14.99. There will be three further content drops in Season Pass One.

Free to all players, Flooded Village is a new multiplayer map which draws inspiration from images of Normandy during the events of D-Day as the Nazi opened locks and breached flood defences in an effort to keep the Allied Forces at bay. Featuring great vantage points ideal for sniping as well as lowlands, flooded houses, a railway bridge and causeway, Flooded Village offers a unique challenge for team-based and solo multiplayer. It is available now in all multiplayer modes, including No Cross, via the latest title update.

Here’s the patch notes for the 26th July update:

New Content and Improvements

  • Added free ‘Flooded Village’ multiplayer map
  • Added a ‘Shooting Range’
  • Invite your friends to join as Invaders using the social menu
  • Added support for ‘Kick Voting’
  • Mark as “Ready” to start sooner
  • Added Landing Force Mission and Weapon Pack (included as part of Season Pass One or available standalone)


  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple pieces of TNT to be thrown instead of one
  • Blocked a gap that allowed players to cross the barrier in the No-Cross map ‘Urban Ruins’
  • The ‘Leather Hood’ attachment for the Karabiner 98 now unlocks correctly in Multiplayer
  • The ‘Reinforced Band’ attachment for the Karabiner 98 now unlock correctly In Multiplayer. For those of you that have already achieved the stated 50 kills, you will need to get one more to trigger the unlock
  • Fixed an issue in Atlantic Wall that caused problems to players climbing the vines on the side of Marcel’s house
  • Players can now re-bind the ‘W’ and ‘S’ keys, and the ‘Fire’ and ‘aim’ Actions on keyboard.
  • The ‘No Stone Unturned’ Achievement now unlock correctly
  • Issues engaging with Hitler on Wolf Mountain have now been resolved
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues with Ehrlich in War Factory’s Kill List objective
  • Resolved an issue where players were unable to exfiltrate from the Spy Academy mission
  • Med kits should now work as normal
  • Reworked the ‘New Campaign’ difficulty menu to be more intuitive.
  • Improved the behaviour of the ‘weapon wheel’ menu when using the Steam Controller.
  • Input icons now show correctly for Steam, Nintendo Pro, Xbox and PlayStation Controllers.

Sniper Elite 5 is out now across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, a fine return for Rebellion’s most popular game series that injects a number of new ideas into the familiar stealth sniping formula. In our Sniper Elite 5 review, I said:

“With a new WW2 tale to tell and Axis plot to foil, Sniper Elite 5 expands and refines a lot of the action that will be familiar to fans of Sniper Elite 4. There’s a few rough edges, but this is a fun stealth action romp for Karl Fairburne.”

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