For Honor Medjay Preview – hands on with new Egyptian hero

for honor new hero medjay

Ubisoft is gearing up to release the Medjay, For Honor’s latest hero, as part of Year 6 Season 2. With the game now half a decade old, its developers are still finding new and interesting concepts to play with much to the delight of fans, not only expanding the roster of fighters, but growing For Honor’s lore and setting. We were lucky enough to get some early hands-on time with the Medjay ahead of his arrival on July 28th, 2022. Available on all platforms, he can initially be unlocked via premium DLC, or by use 15,000 Steel (in-game currency) soon after.

Let’s dive right into this new fighter’s gameplay. In terms of mechanics, there’s nothing incredibly sophisticated about the Medjay. However, his weapon of choice makes him a tricky hero to master even if his basic attacks and combos come quite naturally.


Each For Honor hero has their own party trick, whether it’s the Centurion’s jab or the Pirate’s pesky pistol. While the Medjay’s fan-bladed axe may look fairly straightforward, it can switch from its staff-like form into two hatchets. Changing between these forms allows you to adapt to the melee encounter at hand, whether keeping multiple opponents at bay, or closing in for an onslaught. Your form will also determine which action you perform when dodging forward or chaining into a guardbreak, either grabbing an enemy for an extended period or bashing them.

The Medjay’s infinite chains will allow him to cleave through grunts during Dominion or Breach matches, though the lack of unblockable attacks in staff form means you’ll need to get clever with your feints and mixups when facing other heroes. It won’t take the For Honor community long to work out which team comps work best for the Medjay, as well as which characters are best at countering his adaptive fighting style.

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Looking beyond his moveset, the Medjay is supported by a nifty choice of Feats. Sunshine Strength and Moonlight Drain will be likely choices for many players, offering numerous passive buffs that change as you switch forms. For example, after scoring a kill, Sunshine Strength will give you bonus damage reduction in staff form, and an attack buff in axe form.

His fourth Feat – Astral Manifestation – also has a dual function, flinging either a firebomb or throwing axes depending on your stance. Again, that “hard” difficulty rating assigned to the Medjay reflects how tough it will be to master this new hero within the current meta. New and novice players can still wreak havoc, but to become an Egyptian killing machine will take training and finesse.

As for fashion, the Medjay has some of the best-looking gear to date. Exactly how much synergy there has been between For Honor’s dev team and that of Assassin’s Creed: Origins is a mystery, though we wouldn’t be surprised if there was some overlap or collaboration at work, even if slight. As always, there’s a stunning attention to detail, perfectly capturing the theme of the season with a wealth of parts to customise your weapon, as well as various masks based on Egyptian gods.

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