Thirsty Suitor gameplay reveal has some shades of Scott Pilgrim

Thirsty Suitors Header

Annapurna Interactive and Outerloop Games revealed and talked through the gameplay of Thirsty Suitors, a game that combines skateboarding, turn-based battles against thirsty exes, and cooking. Thirsty Suitors is coming soon to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, with a demo out now via Steam.

Thirsty Suitors stars Jala, returning to her home town of Timber Hills after a rough break up, and has to face everything she thought she’d left behind. There’s the expectations of her immigrant parents, gossip, and the exes that she left behind her.

There’s shades of Scott Pilgrim here, though where that graphic novel series was about Scott fighting his new girlfriend Ramona Flowers’s evil exes (and generally being a kind of sucky person), Thirsty Suitors is like if Ramona fought her exes and mended fences herself. Jala will have to fight her exes in turn-based combat, digging into the past and confronting her with her ex’s perspective on how they broke up.

Fighting Sergio, her third grade boyfriend, Jala can perform basic attacks, exploit weaknesses and change Sergio’s mood through barbed comebacks. However, you’ll also be drawn into his personal inner world where he’s as powerful and great as he actually thinks he is. The battle doesn’t end with defeat, but with reconciliation. From that point, it’s up to you where to take things.

There’s also some fun-looking skateboarding that, while it won’t be as technical as Tony Hawk’s or other modern takes on the genre, looks accessible and easy to dive into.

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