FIFA 23 career mode detailed, new features include playable highlights

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FIFA 23’s career mode has been detailed in a new overview video, with EA confirming new features. One of the key additions in career mode will be playable highlights. These playable highlights will be in both manager career and player career modes. The playable highlights are moments where you take control of the key situations in matches to impact their outcome. They are split into attacking and defensive highlights. In manager mode, you will be able play all the highlights or specific ones. In player mode highlights will let you take control of the whole team, or just your player.

The main menu has also been reworked with more information being prominent. This includes the players in the youth academy worth keeping an eye on, the depth of your team, and contracts that will be expiring. There are also seven dynamic moments being added which will be triggered once you hit certain milestones in the FIFA 23 career mode. Pre-season tournaments will be set closer to the start of the regular season, allowing for player sharpness to be higher at the start.

In FIFA 23, players will be able to pick to play as a real manager instead of creating a custom one. So, you can be taking the reigns of Manchester City with Pep Guardiola, unless you fancy putting him charge of another team. A transfer analyst will rate deals from A to F, with this being impacted by how much you spend on a transfer and how much the other club would have accepted. To have the best ratings players will need to be scouted thoroughly. The analyst will also look at the impact of signings on the squad, and also see if there are players in the squad already that could act as a better replacement if you look to sell someone.

In Create A Club there will now be an option to customise both the third kit and the goalkeeper’s kit. Player details can also be edited before the start of a career too. This includes player names, height and weight, body appearance, preferred positions, and playing attributes. Player personality is another feature being added which shapes the player’s attributes. The three personality types are Maverick, Virtuoso, and Heartbeat. Mavericks are goal chasers who are more independent focused looking to boost their own careers. Virtuosos are intelligent players who are fully focused on their performance and are more humble. Heartbeats are full team players who focus their style to benefit the whole squad. Players will have choices to make that could impact attributes. In addition, their are investments to put money into to earn more money for your player.

FIFA 23 will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Stadia, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 30th, with early access for the Ultimate Edition on 27th September.

Source: EA

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