Meet Your Maker revealed by Dead by Daylight developers

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Behaviour Interactive, the developer of hit horror multiplayer game Dead by Daylight, has announced Meet Your maker, a fresh take on the ‘builder raider’ genre.

Meet Your Maker comes with the three word motto ‘Build. Raid. Upgrade.’ which gets across the core of the game’s philosophy. It’s an asynchronous multiplayer game set in a post-apocalyptic world where you must build a defensive outpost filled with traps and guards, and then head out to raid the bases of other players as a first person shooter, trying to collect the resources needed to upgrade your base and make it more impermeable to invasion. Every outpost you raid has been created by a player, this game all-in on user generated content.

It’s set in a wasteland future Earth where the only hope for the continued survival of life on this planet is the Chimera creature at the heart of your home base. You need to head out to collect pure genetic material to further its evolution and survivability. Harvesting this can come from raiding other outposts, but also from the other players that fall while trying to raid your bass – you’ll be able to watch replays of raiding attempts on your outposts to see what worked and what didn’t, as well as head in to collect the resources dropped by raiders that have been killed.

You can then feed that back into your outpost creation, either expanding and adding new traps and guards, or reconfiguring it. Traps can be modified with a number of different properties, including speed, projectile bounce and more, while guards can be set on patrols that you create by taking control of them and recording paths.

As a raider, you have access to a grappling hook that can get you out (or into) a tight jam, as well as the ability to deflect incoming projectiles with good timing.

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All of this can also be playing in two player co-op. You can build together and you can raid together – the ability to revive a buddy can give a possible lifeline to your attempt. This could potentially unbalance the game, but from Behaviour’s internal testing, they’ve found that the added chaos of two players can counteract the advantages. There’s also the baked in difficulty system, where you choose a difficulty level with the promise greater rewards at the end of harder raids.

There’s shades of Dungeon Keeper here, as well as the base building and raiding of Metal Gear Solid V’s multiplayer, but the game also has the look and feel of a grungy late 90s FPS, albeit in a modernised visual style. This game is played out in first person as well, and will test your shooter skills in multiple ways, depending on the labyrinths other people create.

Meet Your Maker will be coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2023. Right now, though, prospective players can sign up for playtest access, which Behaviour will use to help grow and polish their game concept. Visit to do just that.

Source: YouTube, Press Release

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