AEW: Fight Forever announced, sees classic team of THQ and Yukes reunite

AEW Fight Forever

AEW: Fight Forever has been revealed and the wrestling game has been confirmed for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. A release date is yet to be confirmed. The title may bring back some nostalgia for some as it sees Yukes and THQ (okay, THQ Nordic) once again together for a wrestling game. The last time the two were together was for WWE ’13, though that was with the last iteration THQ before it went bankrupt.


The match types that have been confirmed for AEW: Fight Forever include singles, tag team, three way, four way, ladder matches, casino battle royale, falls count anywhere, unsanctioned lights out, and exploding barbed wire death matches. AEW: Fight Forever also includes a career mode, online multiplayer, leaderboards, and a lot of customisation options from wrestlers to arenas.

“One of the first things I did after signing with AEW was to ask Tony Khan to let me help assemble the best gaming team on the planet, to make the best wrestling game ever,” said Kenny Omega, EVP of AEW and former AEW World Champion and AEW World Tag Team Champion. “Well, we just landed the perfect finisher by partnering with global publishing and distribution powerhouse THQ Nordic for AEW: Fight Forever. The THQ brand has long been synonymous with wrestling games – there is simply no more qualified partner to bring AEW Fight Forever to the millions of wrestling fans the world over.”

YUKE’S president and CEO Yukinori Taniguchi said, “I am both gratified and excited to have the opportunity to work with AEW – who is breathing new life into the pro wrestling industry – and the THQ Brand, with whom we have created an entire era of pro wrestling games. Using the expertise we have cultivated over the years, we are taking on this project with the ultimate staff from the YUKE’S Development Team in order to recreate AEW’s appeal within a video game to the highest degree. We hope that fans will enjoy experiencing the most cutting-edge technology, and the next evolution, in pro wrestling gaming.”

“Kenny’s incredible vision for AEW: Fight Forever is informed by his wrestling pedigree both inside the ring and on the controller,” said Executive Producer Reinhard Pollice, THQ Nordic. “Combine that vision with YUKES’ unparalleled wrestling game development history is resulting in an AEW experience that draws heavily on the arcade feel that first won wrestling gamer hearts more than two decades ago.”

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