Stray update 1.03 live one PS4, PS5, and PC

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Stray review

Annapurna Interactive and BlueTwelve Studio have launched a new Stray update which is now available to download on PS4, PS5, and PC.

This latest patch addresses a number of bugs players have encountered since the feline simulator debuted last month. Stray immediately bounded into the spotlight on its release, thanks not only to its unique premise but also being part of Sony’s PlayStation Plus lineup. If you’re an active subscriber it’s well worth checking out.

Game publisher Annapurna Interactive is best known for titles that stand in stark contrast to the gaming industry’s predictable AAA heavy hitters. In a recent showcase livestream, AI showed off its stable of upcoming and updated games including The Lost Wild, Flock, and Bounty Star.

Anyway, here’s the Stray update changelog.

Stray Update 1.03 Patch Notes

  • Various fixes for falling through the world (we’ve tried to preserve speed runner skips)
  • Additional fixes for GPU crash on boot issues
  • Fix for the cat going out of bounds when jumping on gutters
  • Fix for the cat going out of bounds when landing on barrells
  • Improve low FPS camera controls w/ keyboard and mouse
  • Fix getting stuck on giving Seamus the tracker
  • Fix being able to talk to mahjong players during the breakdown
  • Fix multiple issues around VR headset render context issues
  • Fix various Polish typos
  • Fix various French typos
  • and more!

In our Stray review, Tuffcub fell in love with the quirky adventure game, scoring it a near purrrrfect 10:

Stray has been right at the top of my gaming wishlist since it was announced in June 2020. It fits that PlayStation exclusive mould of off kilter games with weird concepts but blessed with a glossy polish – think Death Stranding, Heavy Rain, and the like – and while Stray is much smaller than both those titles, clocking in around ten to twelve hours to finish, it is just a lavish and utterly charming.

It’s rare to find a unique game these days but that’s just what Stray is. Playing as a cat makes you, well, play as a cat. Sure, you can go and find that doohickey for the next quest, but there’s some flower pots over on that shelf that are just begging to be swiped to the floor.

Stay tuned for more news on Stray and PS5 updates.

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