F1 22 cross play trial begins today

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F1 22 will have trial beta sessions across this weekend and next weekend, EA has confirmed. This cross play beta sessions will allow players across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox race in Social Play and Two Player Career Modes. The first F1 22 cross play beta session will kick off today at 12pm BST and last until August 7th, while the second beta test will run from August 12th to August 14th.


Earlier this week, F1 22 was updated to add the Algarve International Circuit, which can be used for Grand Prix, Multiplayer, and Time Trial modes. If you are playing on PC the game does feature a VR mode so you can get right in the driver’s seat. F1 22 also has a new F1 Life Mode in which players can play around with clothing, supercars, and accessories.

In our review for F1 22, Stefan wrote, “F1 22 is like a slice of birthday cake a couple days after the party. Someone (probably your dad) has pinched the glacé cherry from the cream splodge on top of your Black Forest Gateau, but your mum’s put some regular cherries, banana and apple slices on the plate to it to make up for it. The fruit doesn’t make sense, but the cake’s still pretty good. Still, you’re left dreaming of what next year’s cake will be like. Maybe your cake engineer will be smart enough by then to actually know who you’re racing against, and maybe Will Buxton will get some new jeans that don’t look like they’ve carved out of stone. Maybe it’ll be a carrot cake.”

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