SNK announce a new Fatal Fury game

new Fatal Fury
new Fatal Fury

SNK have revealed they are working on a brand new game in the Fatal Fury series, which is known as Garou over in Japan. It’s been quite a while since the last title which was 1999’s Garou: Mark of the Wolvesb ut the new game does not have a release date, platforms, or indeed an official title.

There is some nice teaser art though, so let’s look at at.
New Fatal fury


According to SNK the new title will ” will mark a new turning point in the history of fighting games, so fans can look forward to the continuation of this legendary series.”

Although there has not been an new title for many years the series has been kept alive with ports of the older titles on to new systems. Last year we saw Fatal Fury First Contact land on Switch, a port of game that originally appeared on the Neo Geo Pocket console.

“Fatal Fury First Contact is a solid little fighting game, but it has little to offer beyond that,” said Thomas in our review. “Unless you are specifically a huge fan of the Neo Geo Pocket or all things Fatal Fury, there are definitely better fighting games you can spend your money on.” Sadly we only gave the game 6/10 so perhaps not an essential purchase.

Along with the Fatal Fury news SNK also revealed a new team of DLC characters for King of Fighters XV. Orochi Yashiro, Orochi Shermie, and Orochi Chris are “three characters who worked in the shadows to revive Orochi in KOF ’97”. Now they are back to form Team Awakened Orochi and take the mick of Chris for having a boring name.

Team SAMURAI was also announced for later this year and you many have guessed this stars characters from Samurai Showdown, another of SNK’s fighting games.

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