Splatoon 3 demo Splatfest World Premiere will take place this month

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A special time-limited Splatoon 3 demo will take place later this month on 27th August, giving us a glimpse of what the game will offer and its new three-way Splatfest battles before the full game launches on 9th September 2022.

The Splatfest World Premiere will show off the new three-way format of the live event, asking players to pick between Rock, Paper and Scissors. This will then decide which team you play for, with your wins and losses charted across the event. In a new twist for Splatoon 3, the first half of the event will use traditional 4v4 Turf War battles, before switching to Tricolor Turf War where all three teams compete. The maps will be the same, but the top team will have start from the middle of the map with two players each from the second and third-placed team.

The Splatfest will only be available for 12 hours on 27th August, with each region kept separate. It will run from 9AM-9PM BST UK time and 10AM-10PM CEST in Europe, while the Americas will run from 9AM-9PM PT.

You will require a Nintendo Switch Online membership, but Nintendo will be dishing out free 7-day trials to anyone that downloads the demo.

Three really is the magic number for Splatoon 3, and just as it’s now a three-way tussle for Splatfests, there’s three new host characters in the music act called Deep Cut. They include Shiver, Frye and the excellent stingray Big Man.

Nintendo revealed a whole ton more about Splatoon 3 in a dedicated 30-minute Nintendo Direct. This included showcasing some of the enhanced customisation features, confirming the twelve maps that will be included in the game at launch, giving a fresh glimpse of Salmon Run and the story mode, and the new Table Turf Battle mini-game.

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