Dreams update 2.49 promises to be iconic

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Media Molecule has just launched Dreams update 2.49 – the new patch is available to download right now on both PS4 and PS5.

Don’t expect a glut of new content, tools, or features. This Dreams update is a pretty small one, introducing a range of icons that can be used when in edit mode. It may not sound like much on the surface though gives creators a quick and easy way to generate icons, ideal for menus, dialogue, and other text elements.

If it’s been a while since you last played Dreams then its well worth jumping back in. The team at Media Molecule has gradually refined and expanded the number of tools available to players, whether they want to try their hand at making games, music, films, or even individual parts such as sound effects and props. The beauty of Dreams has always been its community, allowing them to freely share and remix creations.

Dreams Update 2.49 Patch Notes

  • New Icons: A total of 86 (YES! EIGHTY SIX!) new icons have been added to Dreams in this update. As mentioned up top, a lot of these ideas came from the Dreams coMmunity on Twitter, so thank you!
    • But how do we use them?! We hear you cry. We got you. To make an icon appear in a text gadget, creation description, or anywhere else you can make text happen, just type in the name enclosed by angle brackets.

Is Dreams worth playing?

Having celebrated its second anniversary earlier this year, in our Dreams review we scored the ambitious PlayStation exclusive a 9/10:

Taking Media Molecule’s creative ethos to new heights, Dreams is a PlayStation essential. Booting the game up each time and having no idea what awaits is an intoxicating feeling. A remedy, forcing me from the rut of my predictable gaming habits to explore an inner creativity I’m often too lazy or wound up to let free.

Last year, MM added a fully-fledged dungeon crawling game to Dreams alongside a slew of handy templates to help users kickstart their projects. You can read more on that update here.

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