Wreckreation announced by the creators of Burnout, blending open world racing with creation

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Wreckreation has been announced by THQ Nordic and Three Fields Entertainment, an open world racer where you can build and create audacious, over-the-top tracks and circuits in the sandbox environment. It seems that this is the new name for Dangerous Driving 2…

Wreckreation will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Wreckreation takes place in MixWorld, a 400km2 open world setting that combines racing with creation. The ‘live mix’ enables you to build and alter your racing track while you’re racing on it, and while there’s friends in the same space as you. And it’s not just boring old race tracks that are bound by the limits of reality and physics. You can drop audacious loops, ramps into the world, build up into the heavens with race track that arcs through the sky, and throw all manner of crazy props into the mix as well.

As a creation-based racer, Wreckreation will be building on a familiar feeling template for fans of games like ModNation Racers, Trackmania, and even Grand Theft Auto Online, but this will be custom built around the idea of creation within an online open world (GTA Online has all that heisting and shooting going on as well).

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Here’s the breakdown for what it offers from Steam:

  • Mix Up The Leaderboards – Set records in seven different ways wherever and whenever you drive on every street in your MixWorld: Drift, Air, Near Miss, Stunt, Crash, and the more traditional, Time.
  • Mix My World – A huge, open world that is yours to discover and design. Place jumps, loops, half pipes, moving obstacles, and more almost anywhere in your MixWorld. Not even the sky is the limit!
  • Mix My Car – Paint colors, finishes, wheels, boost flames, engine sounds, glass colors, tires, manual or stick – you name it, you can customize it. Everything will be available from the beginning.
  • Mix My Music – Radio stations are the unsung heroes of racing games. Listen to 16 different channels and get updates from your MixWorld or stream your own playlists directly from Spotify.
  • Mix All Modes – Whether it’s a simple race or a team stunt event where catching the most air and landing the first barrel roll will bring points to your team, you control the gameplay in your world.
  • Mix It All – In the MixWorld you can be a god! Control the weather, time of day and the traffic! Find vacancies and build structures that impact your world beyond their foundation. The power is yours.

The game is coming from Three Fields Entertainment, the studio founded by Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward after their departure from Criterion Games in 2014. The pair had led Criterion Games through the creation of their breakout hit Burnout and its sequels, as well as the shift to the Need for Speed franchise in the early 2010s, but when EA decided to downsize Criterion (a decision they eventually backtracked on), Sperry and Ward went their own way and founded Three Fields Entertainment.

Since then, they’ve been building up through a string of increasingly ambitious games, starting with the destruction-focussed Dangerous Golf, following it up with the Burnout Crash Mode-styled Danger Zone, and eventually releasing a full arcade racer Dangerous Driving in 2019. Last we heard, they were working on Dangerous Driving 2, an open world sequel, but it seems that this was just a working title for what has become Wreckreation – certainly, their official Twitter account retweeted some speculating about exactly that.

Regardless, Wreckreation is by far and away their most ambitious game to date, taking their brand of crash-tastic racing in a new direction with user generated content at its core.

Source: press release, Steam

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  1. I was really looking forward to Dangerous Driving 2, but alas, this now seems to be a completely different game and I will not be picking it up!

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