Xbox are teasing Death Stranding on Game Pass… for PC

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It looks a lot like Death Stranding is coming to Game Pass in the near future, if the landscape being used for the Twitter account’s profile picture is anything to go by.

The profile pic in question:

Death Stranding Game Pass

And the internet sleuthing that matched profile pic to a location in Death Stranding:

So that’s a lock, right? Death Stranding is coming to Game Pass!

Now, before your throw your toys out in shock and surprise at a PlayStation exclusive coming to Xbox consoles, it’s actually the PC Game Pass twitter account that’s been tweeting it. So no, Death Stranding is not suddenly going to drop on Microsoft’s consoles, and Sony financing the game’s development and holding the copyright and trademark certainly precludes the game coming to their arch-rival’s platform.

It’s also easy to forget that Sony didn’t publish Death Stranding on PC. While the PlayStation manufacturer now has a well-established strategy of bringing its PS4 exclusives over to PC – starting with Horizon Zero Dawn in 2020, and most recently seeing Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered ported across – Death Stranding on PC predates them all. It was instead brought to PC by Kojima Productions with 505 Games publishing the title.

This all looks like a situation similar to the one that saw MLB: The Show ending up on Xbox Game Pass for the last two years. Sony likely isn’t going to bring their games to Microsoft’s platforms and storefronts of their own will, but when other publishers are involved, they’re able to find ways to make it happen (and I’m sure Xbox boss Phil Spencer takes great pleasure in doing so). In this case, it would be as simple as 505 Games doing what they’re fully within their rights to with the PC version of the game.

PC is one of the best places to play Death Stranding. Following on from the PS4 launch, Death Stranding on PC was a very accomplished and well optimised port of the game, surpassing the console version until the release of Death Stranding Director’s Cut for PS5.

In our Death Stranding PC review, Miguel said:

“It’s a story well worth revisiting or experiencing for the first time on PC. The pacing of the game can certainly drag to a screeching halt through the middle, but with boosted frame rate and crisper visuals, you’ll likely be too mesmerised by the hauntingly gorgeous world of Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece to even care about the uneven story beats.”

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