First The Expanse gameplay trailer revealed

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The first gameplay reveal for Telltale Games’ The Expanse series was revealed during Gamescom Opening Night Live in a behind the scenes video. It’s expected to launch in summer 2023.

The gameplay reveal trailer shows off a little more of what we can expect from the resurgent Telltale Games and development partners Deck Nine.

The game takes place amidst a shattered, dead ship that’s broken into several parts and allows for free navigation in zero-G to get between them. That’s alongside much of the genre’s tough decision making and narrative branches, though it’s unclear just how freeform or structured the narrative will be. Certainly there’s plenty of peril to survive!

The Expanse is based off the TV series that recently concluded on Amazon, which was in turn based on the series of novels by writing duo James S.A. Corey (and the novels themselves were based on a prototype tabletop RPG).

Leaping ahead into a future where mankind has managed to populate the solar system, colonising Mars and with smaller pockets of humanity living out in the asteroid belts and on remote space stations, The Expanse will take one of the most popular secondary characters from the series and make her the protagonist. XO Camina Drummer (Cara Gee reprising the role) will take centre stage, trying to navigate a brutal and bloody mutiny on the Artemis.

The Expanse: A Telltale Series will be set before the TV series and books, so it’s unlikely we will meet many of the other characters from the show, though you never know. A few other familiar faced Belters could easily make an appearance.

Speaking back when The Expanse: A Telltale Series was announced at The Game Awards last year, Cara Gee said, “I have absolutely loved playing the character of Camina Drummer for the past several seasons on The Expanse. And I think we’ve seen her go through this really really incredible arc, and with this Telltale series I think we’re having a chance to explore some of the unknown parts of Drummer’s story. And I’m beyond thrilled to get back into the eye makeup and the dialect, and dive in and just keep exploring this phenomenal, powerful character.”

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