F1 22 update adds Giallo Modena Ferrari livery & Shanghai circuit

F1 22 Giallo Modena Ferrari Header

An update to F1 22 has been released, tying in with the special Giallo Modena livery that Ferrari has unveiled for use during this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix. Additionally, the update also adds the Shanghai International Circuit back to the series, and has a Zhou Guanyu weekly event to mark the Chinese Moon Festival.

With Ferrari obviously keen to keep the special yellow-infused livery under wraps, they used F1 22 to capture footage of the Giallo Modena liveried car racing around Monza, featuring the game within their reveal video.

While Ferrari is most commonly known for its iconic red paint, the company also holds yellow close to its heart. It dates back to the 50s when a driver and team’s nationality determined car colours, with Belgians and Brazilians racing Ferraris in yellow in various races. An all-yellow Ferrari car raced in the 1961 Belgian Grand Prix with Olivier Gendebien at the wheel. The colour is also a fairly common choice for the road cars.

Personally, I’m quite disappointed that they only stuck with using the yellow as an accent colour, instead of going all-in with a fully yellow car. The Ferrari outlined on the rear wing is pretty nice, though.

F1 22 Giallo Modena Ferrari Update

The Giallo Modena livery will be available in F1 22 from 12th September for one month.

Also in the update is the return of the Shanghai International Circuit. This follows on from Portimao which was added to the game last month, and sees F1 22 forging ahead with tracks that aren’t on the race calendar. Shanghai also ties in with the Chinese Moon Festival and the special weekly event for Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Guanyu. You’ll have to race is Zhou, trying to overtake Alonso and teammate Bottas with six laps to go, earning a livery to use online if you succeed.

In our F1 22 review, we scored the racing sequel a solid 7/10:

“F1 22 is like a slice of birthday cake a couple days after the party. Someone (probably your dad) has pinched the glacé cherry from the cream splodge on top of your Black Forest Gateau, but your mum’s put some regular cherries, banana and apple slices on the plate to it to make up for it. The fruit doesn’t make sense, but the cake’s still pretty good. Still, you’re left dreaming of what next year’s cake will be like.”

Source: press release, Ferrari

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