This is what PlayStation Stars’ Digital Collectibles will look like

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Sony has shared a first look at what the Digital Collectibles in the PlayStation Stars reward scheme will look like, and some idea of how you might earn and display them.

Announced back in July, PlayStation Stars is a loyalty with a focus on rewarding play and regular activity with digital trinkets, loyalty points to spent on the PlayStation Store, and more.

Having been keen to stress the that digital collectibles would not be NFTs, Sony has now shared what they’ll look like, and they… will look like little 3D rendered models and dioramas, which should surprise nobody. The first examples include a scene with Punto the gondolier from Ape Escape 2, PlayStation 3, PocketStation, Toro and Kuro celebrating a birthday, Chord Machine, and Polygon Man.

These have been created specifically for PlayStation Stars and will be awarded as a way to commemorate gaming activities, achievements or simply product ownership. Similar to trophies, they will have a denoted rarity that’s dependent on the product their based on or the effort to earn them. The primary way to earn them will be through completing campaigns run by Sony, which could be a point-earning challenge or collectible activity. One of the first of these will be “Hit Play/1994”, where you have to launch games that match song-based clues to receive a collectible.

Once you’ve earnt them, you can show them off in a virtual display case in the PlayStation App, and pop them up on your PSN profile for friends to view.

PlayStation Stars will start off as part of the PlayStation App before expanding to consoles through system updates. It will also be rolled out gradually, starting this month in Asia and Japan, with the Americas and Europe to follow sometime in the future.

So… what do you think? Will you be eagerly trying to earn as many digital trinkets as possible? Or are you an old curmudgeon like me who will probably ignore them?

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  1. It’ll be like collecting things in the PS5 Astro game. That’s cool.

  2. Trophies were a con, i want all our cheat codes back.

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