PlayStation Stars launch dates have been announced

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Sony has announced the launch date for its PlayStation Stars loyalty program. Players in Asia including Japan have access from today to PlayStation Stars. Those in North America and South America will gain access from October 5th, and those in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand will be added to the program on October 13th.

What is PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Stars was first announced in July giving players a way to earn digital rewards and collectibles. Through PlayStation Stars players will be able to complete different activities such as the Monthly Check In, while others will be tied to things like trophies and tournament performances. These activities will allow players to earn points that can redeemed for PSN Credit, and players will also get digital collectable figures and dioramas, which are not NFTs. PS Plus subscribers will earn points through purchases as well, though this will not apply to wallet top ups. However, paying for your Plus subscription will net you some points.

The digital collectables will be available to view in a virtual case through the PlayStation App at first, with the plan being to expand to consoles later where there will be an option to display collectibles on your PSN profile. Some examples of collectibles include Punto the gondolier from Ape Escape 2, PlayStation 3, PocketStation, Toro and Kuro celebrating a birthday, Chord Machine, and Polygon Man. They can all be viewed in the video above. Like Trophies, these collectibles will have rarity depending on how many people earn them. One of the first activities that players will be able to take part in is “Hit Play/1994”, where you have to launch games that match song-based clues to receive a collectible. Sony will be putting out regular activities through the PS app so if you want those digital rewards, it is best to download it on your smartphone.

Source: PS Blog

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