Company of Heroes 3 delayed until February 2023

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Sega and Relic have announced that Company of Heroes 3 has been delayed from the intended November release, and will now launch on 23rd February 2023. This will give some extra time to polish, balance and fine-tune Company of Heroes 3 as they try to live up to the high expectations that the series holds.

“We believe this to be the best decision for CoH3, our players and our studio,” the team wrote in a Twitter delayed text image. “This provides our hard-working team and partners with the necessary time to deliver CoH3 in a better overall state.”

Further to this, a press release highlighted some key areas where feedback from the CoH-Development community platform has helped to improve the game:

  • Relic has made distinct improvements to its brand-new Dynamic Campaign Map, such as updating its new supply system, implementing a more aggressive AI, and seeing faster travel across the map through seaport and airport enhancements.
  • The studio has added a stronger focus on visual grit and details during battles, by improving shader technology and finetuning. Additionally, Relic has made significant changes to the overall lighting of CoH3.
  • Relic has enhanced moment-to-moment gameplay by making changes to the camera positioning and providing clearer mini map information. Improvements are also being made to the HUD layout and the overall theming of the UI.
  • Seeing players experiment with the Multiplayer Pre-Alpha in November 2021 really helped the developers make significant improvements on Battlegroups, their upgrade trees, units, and call-in abilities.
  • Relic has reviewed and improved parts of the voice-over lines to ensure they are authentic to specific characters and their native accents featured in the game.

It’s been almost 10 years since the last game in the series. However, where Company of Heroes 2 focused mainly on the Eastern Front, its successor takes the battle to the Mediterranean theatre of war. It will offer several different campaigns to play as well as four distinct factions to enlist in, and you’re given broader control over the war effort with a dynamic campaign map. This also means plenty of new vehicles and units to deploy, opening up a wealth of combat options.

The game will feature some of the key battles from history, but with the sandbox style campaign map, expect for them to play out very differently to what you’ve read about in books or seen in The World at War reruns. The game has been developed in collaboration with the Company of Heroes community, which has swelled in size since it was announced. Relic has stated that over 200,000 players are now involved with giving feedback regarding the game, and having an influence on how development moves forward.

Source: Twitter, press release

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