Yes, Deathloop and Dishonored have a connected universe

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Answering plenty of fan speculation over the past year, it’s now been confirmed that Arkane’s Deathloop is a part of the Dishonored universe, taking place in a future of the Dishonored world.

The connection was confirmed by Creative Director Dinga Bakaba who said that Deathloop is “one of the futures of the Dishonored world,” in the Xbox podcast, continuing that “we envisioned Deathloop to be happening in the future after [the third Dishonored game] Death of the Outsider.”

While emphasising that Deathloop is its own self-contained story, has its own distinct characters and time period, “There’s a certain timeline to link that,” Bakaba said, “and there are a lot of clues actually in the game. Some that are obvious – one of them is really spoiler-y so voila – but there [are] a lot of small things, and some that were under people’s noses all the time [that they’re just now] figuring out.”

Deathloop was a game experience that took a lot of the concepts and ideas from Arkane’s earlier hit titles, blending the more magical immersive sim gameplay of Deathloop with more modern technology and weaponry. From that, fans were quick to spot some of the subtle hints that tied the two games together, though it wasn’t totally clear if they were simply nice little easter eggs for fans of the studio’s work, or if they were more direct ties that firmly link the two games together.

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Personally, I feel that the link between Dishonored and Deathloop falls somewhere in the middle. Yes it’s now canonically the same universe, but given the dramatically different time period, it’s a far cry from having a kind of Marvel Cinematic Universe or the way that the Assassin’s Creed games are all bound together.

Deathloop is back in the headlines having recently released on Xbox Series X|S after a year of PlayStation 5 exclusivity. Microsoft and Bethesda have also thrown the game onto both Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra, so subscribers to either service can now hop into the game.

It’s well worth checking out, given our 10/10 Deathloop review where Aran said:

“Deathloop is the kind of game that will get in your head and stay there even when you’re not playing. Colt is a great protagonist, the intricate environmental design is a dream to explore, and the loop system keeps things fresh and offers so much replayability. Simply put, Deathloop is fantastic.”

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