Apple Music is out now on Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One – here’s how to get it

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The Apple Music streaming service is now available natively on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, affording subscribers the ability to stream background music while in-game, and listen to music and watch music videos on their TV.

New subscribers can get a one month free trial of Apple Music – beware you will be charged once it automatically renews – though there’s plenty of ways to get extended trials. Multiple months of Apple Music are often bundled in with new Apple hardware, or for using Shazam, as just two examples.


You can grab the Apple Music app from the Microsoft Store in a web browser, or follow the below instructions to do the whole process on your Xbox

How to download the Apple Music app on Xbox consoles

  • Open the ‘Store’ on your Xbox console
  • Select ‘Search’ and input ‘Apple Music’
  • Select the ‘Apple Music’ app, and then choose ‘Get Free’
  • Return to the main Xbox dashboard and select ‘My games & apps’ in the bottom left corner.
  • Select ‘Apps’ and then launch the Apple Music app
  • Select Sign up or Log in and enter your details
  • Follow the prompts to link your accounts

The Apple Music app on Xbox supports music videos in up to 4K resolution, but it seems to omit support for Dolby Atmos music and lossless audio, which are features that Apple seems to want to keep exclusive to their own Apple TV boxes. This despite the Xbox consoles having had support for Dolby Atmos audio since 2017, for a price.

Apple Music on Xbox arrives almost a year after the app launched on PlayStation 5 last October, and there’s a curiosity on the Xbox store page, which suggests the app has been ready to go since 10th July 2020. Did Sony lock up some kind of exclusivity deal with Apple? Either way, it means that there’s been a significant lag to rival streaming service Spotify.

Source: Microsoft

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