An animatic preview of a Kingdom Hearts cartoon has been discovered after 20 years

kingdom hearts
kingdom hearts

Animator Seth Kearsley has discovered a pilot animatic preview of a Kingdom Hearts cartoon, found on a VHS tape. He worked on the preview which which was intended to give Disney an idea of what the cartoon would look like.

Rather than be a full animation it is a series of colourised story boards for Disney execs to view. The eleven minute long video is narrated by Jiminy Cricket and sets the scene for the world of Kingdom Hearts.

“I want to show my work. It’s been 20 years,” said Kearsley on YouTube. “This is not without it’s flaws, which I have not doubt will be pointed out, but I was really proud of the story we were able to tell in the time we had. Setting up the entire premise of a series, and doing a ‘typical episode’ is a tall order. I feel like we pulled that off, and when they tested it with kids, it tested better than anything else they were testing in that round.”

In April this year Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts 4 is in development, releasing a trailer to show off their vision of the sequel and give us a glimpse of some gameplay. No platforms or release dates have been revealed.  Labelled as the ‘Lost Master Arc’, this will kick off a new narrative for the series, which had wrapped up many of the loose ends form the series.

For this new story arc, Sora arrives on a new world of Quadratum – also described as the ‘afterworld’ – a place that has a tone similar to the real world…. just with a horrifying black shape hanging in the sky above the Japan-like cityscape that morphs into a shadowy demonic figure and goes on a bit of a rampage. Of course, Sora leaps into action to try and save the day, his iconic Keyblade and all, gappling to world objects, running up buildings, launching midair attacks and more.

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