Overwatch 2 bug fixing patch goes live, but server issues persist

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Blizzard has released a bug fixing update for Overwatch 2, aiming to address some of the early issues that have affected the renewed and expanded hero shooter. Unfortunately, this seems to have caused more issues for players overnight.

While there’s plenty of visible bugs being fixed, the patch is part of Blizzards efforts to address server load issues through the game’s first week and a half, working in concert with server-side changes and simply increasing server capacity. Note the “General Stability Updates” within the patch notes below.

It also turns out that the low rankings of competitive player were a bug and not intended. Players could end up being ranked too low after placement matches and then struggle to rank up, so Blizzard is implementing a boost to help people get back to their actual level.

All of that sounds great, but with plenty of users reporting that server and connectivity issues had returned or persisted for them. There were errors connecting to the game, and many reports of massive amounts of lag, Blizzard acknowledged “difficulty accessing certain game content”, but has not given any further updates on if they feel the connectivity issues have been resolved.

Overwatch 13th October Update


  • Fixed an issue with the Report interface on console
  • Fixed a bug on PlayStation involving the inability to purchase other items in the store after a refund of another item
  • Fixed an issue where Legacy credits were not the default currency selected for purchases in the Hero Gallery
  • Fixed a bug where some Heroic emotes/poses were incorrectly locked and priced
  • Fixed items in the Hero Gallery that were not able to be purchased
  • Fixed an issue with the Spectator Options and made clicking in that menu more responsive
  • Resolved a bug with low resolution shop images displaying small on some platforms
  • Fixed an issue that caused the entire client to appear out of focus
  • Fixed a bug where Hero Unlock Challenges were not incrementing properly in Total Mayhem
  • Fixed the Challenge ‘System-Wide Malfunction’ not correctly incrementing
  • Fixed Challenges ‘Classy Flex’ and ‘Flex Your Power’ not progressing while in a Group
  • Fixed a bug with some Challenges not correctly showing up during the end of game flow
  • Resolved a bug where leaving Skirmish could cause Challenge progress to be lost
  • Fixed an issue where adjusting Render Scale to any value would cause graphical corruption
  • Fixed a bug where depth of field would remain active in gameplay and leave your screen blurry
  • Fixed a bug with camera placement in captured Highlights
  • General Stability Updates


  • Many players were ranked too low during the first week of Overwatch 2, so we are implementing a boost as players continue to play games for those affected by this issue.
  • Players who were ranked too low could have the feeling of being stuck in this rank. Moving forward, players should be able to climb the ranks in their first rank update assuming they’re supposed to be higher based on their performance.
  • Players who haven’t ranked will not experience this issue after this patch.


  • Numbani and Necropolis have been added back to their map pools



  • No longer receives extra attack speed on top of the bonus from Kiriko’s ultimate


  • Resolved an issue where ‘Yokai’ achievement was unattainable
  • Fixed a bug with Swift Step that could result in the player being placed under the terrain in some cases


  • Fixed an issue where Workshop Green Screen would load Workshop Island instead
  • Fixed a bug where Night Workshop maps were loading daytime variants

Blizzard is offering a couple of free compensatory cosmetic unlocks as an apology for the launch issues. The game has been rather embattled since launch with multiple DDoS attacks, issues with the account merging system for cross-progression, and a partially backtrack on the controversial requirement for a phone number to be attached to your Battle.net account.

When it works, this is a good iteration and overhaul of the 2016 hit shooter. In our Overwatch 2 review, Nick said:

“Overwatch 2 has a lot of common ground with the original, but it’s managed to take what we know and breathe a new life into a landmark hero shooter. The fact that it’s now free-to-play means more people can enjoy this truly wonderful shooter, though the monetisation feels heavy handed compared to other games.”

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