Silent Hill Showcase taking place October 19th

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A Silent Hill Showcase will be taking place on October 19th, Konami has confirmed. As of right now there are no official announcements on what to expect, though rumours have been around for ages regarding a new game and remasters, including a Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team.

A few weeks ago a new Silent Hill game appeared on the South Korean ratings board, prompting speculation that an announcement may soon follow. The surprise listing (via Gematsu) notes this new title as being called “Silent Hill: The Short Message” with UNIANA mentioned as the publisher. For context, this is the same company responsible for bringing other Konami games to South Korea, including the upcoming eFootball 2023. In the past, games have had their titles and release windows leaked by ratings board.

Christophe Gans, director of the first Silent Hill movie in 2006 and also the director of an upcoming third film, has said there are multiple Silent Hill games in production.

“I know a bit about the [next Silent Hill game]. I work with the Silent Team, the original creators. I work in collaboration with Konami.” he said in an interview with MaG and translated by ResetEra. “I’m not working directly on the games but I’m working with Konami but not with Kojima, tho, but with the Silent Team who I met when I filmed the first Silent Hill movie. And they’re still here”

The Silent Hill Showcase will stream from 2pm PDT, which will be 10pm BST.

Source: Konami

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