Silent Hill 2 remake revealed by Konami & Bloober Team – PS5 timed exclusivity confirmed

Silent Hill 2 Remake Header

Konami has finally confirmed that a Silent Hill 2 remake in development at The Medium developer Bloober Team. The game is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC, a console timed exclusive for 12 months.

The game looks to be a thorough modernisation of Silent Hill 2, transitioning to a now quite standard third person over-the-shoulder camera view and with modern seeming character handling – bye bye tank controls – but there’s also a great deal of high production value cinematics in the announcement trailer.

Masahiro Ito is a part of the production, working to advise Bloober Team in their development. They’re aiming to combine modern video game techniques with the classic original, giving it a new form in the process.

One important point is that composer Akira Yamaoka will return for this game’s production. That is sure to please lots of series fans, with Yamaoka-san talking about how this game will have a new musical style that tries to balance new ideas with the old.

Silent Hill 2 remake will retell the story of James Sunderland as he navigates the monster-filled town of Silent Hill in search of his deceased wife, dealing with his own mental demons. One of those monsters? The iconic Pyramid Head. Silent Hill 2 was a landmark in the horror genre of the early 2000s, keeping things tense with James’ status, location and other items kept off screen, forcing you to dip into the the pause menu to see what was what.

Silent Hill 2’s remake was the biggest of a whole host of other Silent Hill announcements. It turns out that a lot of the rumours and reports over the last few years were true, and Konami has farmed out Silent Hill to a number of developers and multiple games are in production. There’s also the interactive streaming series Silent Hill Ascension, a game from No Code called Silent Hill Townfall, the Japanese set Silent Hill F, a fresh discussion of the Return to Silent Hill movie, and more.

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