Resident Evil Re:Verse gets an Early Access test just before launch next week

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Capcom is quickly building up to the delayed release of Re:Verse, the multiplayer game that was meant to come out alongside Resident Evil Village. Re:Verse will have an early access test for owners of Resident Evil Village next week, before the full game will release on 28th October.

The early access will start at 3AM UK time on Monday 24th October and running until 7AM on Wednesday 26th October. You will need to own a copy of Resident Evil Village in order to get in, with this also granting you free access to the full game.

Capcom has also announced the content roadmap.

  • Re:Verse will launch with 6 survivors, 5 creatures, 2 levels, the first Challenge Mission and 30 levels of the Battle Pass.
  • Update 1 will add a survivor, stage, 8 costumes, Challenge Mission 2 and another 30 levels for the Battle Pass.
  • Update 2 will add a survivor, 2 costumes, and Challenge Mission 3.
  • Update 3 will add a survivor, a creature, 7 costumes, Challenge Mission 4 and another 30 levels for the Battle Pass.

It’s not clear the timing of these updates, but it seems like Capcom has plans to support this for plenty of time… so long as there’s continued engagement with the game.

Preview: Hands on Resident Evil Re: Verse Beta

We have to look all the way back to the start of 2021 for our last hands on impressions of Re:Verse. The barmy mashup of characters and monsters had some appeal to it, but back then it was clearly very rough around the edges.

Re:Verse has been delayed more than just a little bit. The game was meant to come out with Resident Evil Village, then got pushed back to July 2021, then got pushed back again to an unspecified date this year. No specific reasoning was given for the delays, but the general sentiments from the delay announcements were that this was so that the team could continue to polish and refine the gameplay. Now there’s just this one final hurdle before it’s released.

We look forward to seeing how the final game has come together.

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