PlatinumGames calls for fans to be respectful in Bayonetta 3 voice actor pay dispute

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PlatinumGames’ official Twitter account has issued a statement in relation to the recent pay dispute with former voice actor Hellena Taylor. While not addressing her allegations around Bayonetta 3, they have stated their “sincerest appreciation” for all people that contributed to the game series, and give support for new voice actor Jennifer Hale while also calling for more respect within the discourse swirling around the game.

Basically, don’t be an ass to someone who had absolutely nothing to do with the dispute between Platinum and Taylor. Don’t be an ass to anyway.

The statement reads:

We at PlatinumGames offer our sincerest apperciation to everyone who has contributed to creating the Bayonetta series over the years, as well as the community that has served as its foundation.

We give our full support to Jennifer Hale as the new Bayonetta, and align with everything in her statement.

We as people to please refrain from any further comments that would disrespect Jennifer or any of the other contributors to the series.

The furore surrounding Bayonetta 3 started over the weekend when former Bayonetta voice actor Hellena Taylor claimed that PlatinumGames had made her an “insulting” offer to reprise the role, topping out at $4000 USD all-in for the job. Series creator Hideki Kamiya responded to say this was “Sad and deplorable about the attitude of untruth.”

This has since been refuted by insider sources, who say that the offer to Taylor was for around $4000 per day, across 4 or 5 days of work, something which Taylor categorically denied to Bloomberg and VGC, before saying “I’d quite like to put this in the [rearview] mirror.”

In her original complaint, Taylor asked fans to boycott the series and went further to state that her replacement, Jennifer Hale, “[is] not the voice of Bayonetta. I created that voice. She has no right to sign merchandise as Bayonetta, any more than I have the right to sign as Eva Green even though I was her parrot in the video game The Golden Campus.”

This has seemingly led to Hale receiving online abuse, forcing her to give her own statement on the situation. That may not have been all that illuminating, but she did make an important point. She said, “I sincerely ask that everyone keep in mind that this game has been created by an entire team of hard-working, dedicated people and I hope everyone will keep an open mind about what they’ve created.

“Finally, I hope that everyone involved may resolve their differences in an amicable and respectful way.”

Bayonetta 3 is launching later this month, coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch on 28th October 2022.

Source: Twitter

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