London Studio is making a fantasy online co-op game for PS5

London Studio Fantasy Co-op Game Header

Sony’s London Studio is working on an as yet untitled online co-op game set in a fantasy rendition of London for PS5. This marks a major shift for the studio away from pioneering games for various PlayStation peripherals like PlayStation VR, PlayStation Move, Wonderbook and EyeToy.

“It is our most ambitious game to-date,” said co-studio head Tara Saunders said to “We’re going to take all of that innovation DNA and apply that into this online co-op combat game.


“[In our concept art] you’re seeing a take on a modern fantasy London. Our overarching theme is about bringing fantastical and magical elements and intersecting that with familiar worlds, and you don’t get much more familiar to us than London.”

London Studio Fantasy Co-op Game

Concept art from London Studio’s upcoming PS5 co-op game set in a fantasy rendition of London.

The decision to step away from PSVR and games that embrace new technological boundaries within the PlayStation ecosystem actually comes from Guerrilla Games and the creation of the blockbusting Horizon series. Instead of working from tech prototypes, they instead looked internally for game ideas, found the concepts that the team was most passionate about and resonated best with UK and US gamers through an anonymous poll.

It helps, of course, that the concept they settled on has aligned perfectly well with Sony’s recent push toward creating live service games. We already knew that London Studio was hiring for a PS5 multiplayer game from earlier this year, and this game will be one of the 12 live service games Sony will launch by 2026.

This news will, of course, be most disappointing for PlayStation VR fans, and people looking forward to PSVR 2. Blood & Truth was one of the best games to come out for the first generation VR headset, really showcasing what could be done. Sony has big plans for the launch of PSVR 2, but there’s question marks about how much first party support there will be.

Co-studio head Stuart Whyte said, “We are proud of the history and innovation that we’ve done over the years, supporting all sorts of PlayStation technology, whether that’s VR, or AR, or microphones, or whatever.

“With this project, we really wanted to explore some new avenues and set ourselves some new challenges. We definitely wanted to try something a little bit different, and I think this new project really channels our ‘brave’ value and allows us to push ourselves on the ‘curious’ front, too. It’s an exciting future, it really is.”


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