Escape Academy DLC – Escape from Anti-Escape Island is out next week

Escape Academy DLC Anti Header

The first DLC expansion for the ecsape room-like Escape Academy, Escape from Anti-Escape Island, will be released next week on 10th November, and it’s got a hot new trailer to reveal more.

Escape from Anti-Escape Island sees you crash land on a mysterious new island that’s been designed specifically so that it’s impossible to escape from – hence the name, I guess? Of course, as a keen escapologist, you’re not going to let that stop you.

The DLC includes five new escape rooms to break out of and/or solve, which is around half the number found in the main game.

Escape Academy was designed by a pair of escape room designers in the real world, turning their talents to making a digital abstraction of their puzzling art form. We had a great time playing the game earlier this year, which has great features like co-op play that works both in split-screen and with online crossplay.

In our Escape Academy review, I said, “Escape Academy captures the spirit of escape rooms in excellent fashion, wrapping up a string of thoroughly enjoyable puzzle-filled levels in a light and quirky story. Puzzle aficionados might find it a little easy, but it’s a commendable first effort that left me wanting more.”

Escape Academy is available across PS5 and PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Day of the Devs Stream

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