Gears of War live action film announced by Netflix

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Netflix has announced that they are to make a live action feature film adaptation of the original Gears of War, before branching off into an adult animated series on the streaming platform.

This is the latest of almost countless video game adaptions that Netflix has involved themselves with in recent years. There’s also an Onimusha series, the continuing The Witcher (though technically a novel adaptation), the recent Cyberpunk animated series, a flopped Resident Evil, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dragon Age, Castlevania and on and on and on.

Gears of War was a tentpole release for the Xbox 360, launching on 7th November 2006 – Hey! That’s today! – and pretty much revolutionising the third person shooter with its cover system, active reload system, and grungy atmosphere. It also helped ensure that the following seven years of video games were almost exclusively brown and grey, and that everything used Unreal Engine 3.

The game follows Marcus Fenix and his squad of ultra hench COGs as they battle against the Locust Hordes that have been overrunning humanity on the planet Sera. Theirs is a last ditch missions to detonate a great big bomb within the Locust tunnel network and end the threat for good. Of course, since they keep making new Gears of War games, we know that didn’t quite work out as planned.

The game spawned a long-standing franchise that has helped to define Xbox ever since. The original trilogy on Xbox 360 before Epic Games stepped away and handed the keys over to The Coalition. One of their first projects was the Xbox One remake Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

In our review of Ultimate Edition, Matt said:

“There’s very little you haven’t played before in the campaign and the new cinematics and voiceovers do little to assist the bare story, but the gameplay is still great, it looks and sounds fantastic, and fans will no doubt enjoy playing the formerly PC-exclusive section they missed the first time. Pair that with an overhauled multiplayer that packs all the maps and modes you could want, and there’s enough here for a pretty easy recommendation, especially if you’ve yet to experience the Gears of War universe.”

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