A Horizon MMORPG is reportedly in development by NCsoft

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A Horizon MMORPG is reportedly in development at Korean Studio NCsoft, best known for the Guild Wars and Lineage series.

Speaking to Korean news site MTN a source reports that the two companies have “tentatively agreed to pursue a business partnership in which NC will create new games using Sony’s promising game IP”.

The report goes into more specifics on about which part of the 3000-strong company is working on the new game, with the ‘H’ seed development team from the Lineage IP division developing the new Horizon game. The game’s development is still meant to be secret, but job listings for ‘Project H’ as supposed to relate to it.

It has been confirmed that the ‘H’ seed development team under the Lineage IP Business Headquarters is developing a new ‘Horizon’ IP within NCsoft. H Seed is recruiting developers to participate in the project through job postings. As the partnership with Sony has not yet been confirmed as an ‘official’, job announcements are made in the form of ‘Project H developer recruitment’.

It’s still very early on, though. A ‘seed’ is a smaller group that works on early stages of production, which is then expanded to a ‘camp’ when full production begins.

Beyond simply making a multiplayer game in the Horizon franchise, the hope from Sony could be that they expand the playerbase and fandom surrounding the Horizon franchise to a new audience. Horizon Zero Dawn was a big success on PlayStation 4, and Horizon Forbidden West built on that with a cross-gen release earlier this year.

Horizon is also being adapted into a Netflix TV show, and there’s been persistent rumours that Guerrilla Games were working on a new multiplayer game, though that could be unrelated to a new partnership with NCSoft. There’s also been reports recently that Horizon Zero Dawn will be enhanced and re-released for PlayStation 5, bringing the game up to the level of visual quality of its sequel.

Of course, the next big release within the series will be Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which is coming as a PSVR 2 on 22nd February 2023.

Source: MTN via ResetEra

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