Turbo Golf Racing Season 2 is going Aztec this week

Turbo Golf Racing Season 2 Header

Turbo Golf Racing Season 2 is going to land this week on 17th November, and it’s going all Aztec with its new theme and biome. The update will be free to all players across Steam, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass.


The new theme in Aztec Run will really help to break up and diversify the game’s visual and gameplay tone, with 10 new levels that feature waterfalls, fountains and geysers to challenge your Rocket League adjacent golf racing antics.

Alongsdie that, there’s 40 new cosmetics to earn, ranked leaderboards, improvements to the Out of Bounds system, and more.

Full patch notes will be released on Thursday, but here’s the gist of what’s coming:

  • Ranked Leaderboards
  • 10 new Aztec-themed levels with added waterfalls, fountains, and geysers to use to your advantage
  • 40 Season rewards including new cars, boosters, decals, finishes and avatars
  • Lots of new shop items
  • A new tutorial that offers glide and magnet core training
  • Improvements to the Out-Of-Bounds (OOB) system with visual indicators as the player or their ball approaches it
  • Boost pick-up added permanently

Turbo Golf Racing launched into Early Access back in August, taking the whole “cars playing giant ball sports” genre and adapting it to golf instead of football. It’s golf Rocket League, in other words.

I had plenty of good things to say about Turbo Golf Racing for its Game Preview release last week, writing that “Personally, I’d hope for more variety in the biomes you’re playing through and some more wrinkles to be added alongside the main game mode, but Turbo Golf Racing already has the fundamentals down to a tee.”

With a rather lush looking new theme, Hugecalf are certainly addressing one of my requests!

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