What We Played #577 – Pentiment, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet & God of War Ragnarök

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Header

It’s seeming like the end is nigh for one of the biggest social media platforms out there, but don’t worry because What We Played is here with the warm embrace of consistently telling you what games we’ve been playing over the past seven days. We’ve been at this weekly feature for well over 10 years at this point, and there’s no billionaires currently trying to stop us!

For me, I’ve been playing WRC Generations, getting my daily stages in for the Leagues mode in and around some trickeration in OlliOlli World and the first few chapters of the very stylish sci-fi apocalypse of Somerville – I have some thoughts on that, so look out for a review soon.

We’ll then move on to the biggest surprise of the week, as Tuffcub has been playing… not Destiny 2! Instead he’s made a start on Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch, played a horse game that’s actually surprisingly quite good, and got Final Fantasy XII waiting for a very, very long flight on his holidays.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Spider-Man

Nick P has been playing Marvel’s Midnight Suns – see his preview of this XCOM-like here! – as well as dropping into Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and his usual bouts of Dead by Daylight.

Jason has been playing Pokémon Violet for our review of this new generation this week, while Nic B has been preparing for the arrival of his copy of Pokémon Scarlet by playing Pokémon Go. I’d argue he’d have been playing that anyway, but at least he has an excuse this week. He has also been playing Marvel Snap, which is getting pretty grindy. He also played Heavenly Bodies from PS Plus, but found it to be “space garbage”.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Characters

Gamoc has been playing the Dying Light 2 Blood Ties DLC for review – up later today – continued on with Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous and started/resumed his trial of Biomutant, which he’s enjoyed quite a bit despite some quirks and issues.

Aran focused all his gaming attentions on Yakuza 6 this week, completing the story and coming away thinking it was a pretty mid-tier Yakuza game. Thankfully it’s not the end of Kiryu’s story, so he’s now looking forward to seeing what Like a Dragon: The Man Who Erased His Name brings.

It was all Fueled Up for Ade, who’s working on a review of this attempted Overcooked! in space. He also started on The Knight Witch for another review later in the month, but the real treat this week was getting God of War Ragnarok for his birthday – happy birthday! He explaimed “What. A. Game. It’s proving to be a fabulous sequel to one of my favourite ever games.”

God of War Ragnarok Combat

Miguel’s juggled Star Ocean: The Divine Force for a review this week with Evil West for a review next week. That was with Fortnite, Potionomic, Apex Legends and a random afternoon of Gundam Exteme VS Maxi Boost on the side.

Steve went back to the 1600s with a mixture of Pentiment and a musket-focused Metroidvania called Heidelberg 1693. Oh, and he’s dropped 20 hours into God of War Ragnarok, which he thinks “might be a half-decent game”.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. “there’s no billionaires currently trying to stop us”

    I’m sure that’s what they were saying at Twitter before Space Karen came along to set fire to it all. ;)

    I forgot to post the last couple of weeks, for various reasons. (Away, then people here, and all sorts. Did get to see Black Panther last weekend, which was good for the first and last 5 minutes, just a bit disappointing for the 2.5 hours in between)

    Then the big pile of PS+ games happened.

    I’m enjoying Chorus a lot. Rushed through The Gardens Between and got the platinum (it’s short and far too easy, but quite nice). Some of the Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory thing, which seems to have too much music. And EDF Iron Rain. Which is just stupid fun. Not enough use of the words “giant insects” in that one though.

    And because they were on sale, Escape Academy (some nice puzzles so far) and Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Which looks nice and is quite fun. Lot of backtracking for all those endless sidequests though.

    And Judgment was on sale, so I can have fun there. (It wasn’t on PS Now for long enough when it was there, and annoyingly the PS5 version can’t import the old PS4 save)

  2. Happy birthday Ade!
    I played the multiplayer of Dead or Alive 5, Doom and Kane & Lynch 2. I also continued with the story of Syberia 3, which I think I’m almost at the end of. It’s taken longer than I thought, mainly due to a lot of crashes which PS4 helpfully label as a general error. Turns out there’s a certain area in the game that can’t cope with what it’s being asked to do, but with perseverance I have been able to get past that part and it’s returned to being stable again.
    I’m hoping to get that completed by next week.
    I also played the real life game of trying to work out when to resign my job so that I can provide enough notice to start my new role without either a) still being employed in my old role or b)not being employed for a few days…it’s trickier than it sounds XD

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