Jackbox Party Pack 9 update adds new jokes & prompts, EFIGS localisation coming in December

Jackbox Party Pack 9 Header

An update for The Jackbox Party Pack 9 has been released on Steam, fixing bugs and adding new music, special effects and in-game content. This same update will come to Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation on 15th December, alongside a Language Pack download that adds localisation for French, Italian, German, Latin American Spanish and Castilian Spanish.

This is the first Jackbox Party Pack that will have full localisation for non-English languages, adapting everything from the menus to the prompts and jokes to cater to players through much of Europe and Spanish-speaking parts of the Americas. It’s a great step for the series to be taking, following on from the setting that allowed players to turn off overly US-centric prompts and references.

Jackbox Party Pack 9 French Fibbage

Hey Bobby, how do you say Fibbage in French?

The rollout for all of this is rather staggered. The Bug Fix update is out now for PC, but will be coming on 15th December for Xbox, Switch and PlayStation. On that same day, the Language Pack will launch on all but Nintendo Switch, for which it will arrive in mid-January 2023. It’s not clear if or when these updates will be rolling out to other platforms like iOS, Amazon Fire TV and all the rest.

Here’s what’s included in the Jackbox Party Pack 9 Bug Fix Update:

Fibbage 4

  • Brand new themed episodes to discover!
  • 30 new questions!
  • Lovingly tweaked art and sound!
  • Minor bug fixes!


  • Updated Alt text/text descriptions
  • New Items and content
  • New music and sfx
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Additional prompts
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Quixort


  • Art and Gameplay updates
  • New theme song in the Credits
  • New sound effects
  • Updates to Forever Mode
  • Minor art and animation fixes
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Winner moment updates (with confetti)!
  • New house backgrounds!
  • Updated player animations!
  • Players can now moderate goodbye speeches!
  • Minor bug fixes to controller & audience features!

We had another grand time reviewing The Jackbox Party Pack 9, writing in our review, “Jackbox Party Pack 9 is another hearty five-course meal of fun party games. Some games take a little time to grasp the concept or lack a certain pizazz, but there’s the dependability of Fibbage 4, inventive format of Roomerang, and even the trivia game Quixort finds an interesting niche to tease your brain with. A good entry in the long-running series, but not quite an all-timer.”

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