Intrepid Izzy is a genre-defying 2D game releasing in December

Intrepid Izzy will be releasing on December 2nd, Ratalaika Games and developer Senile Team have confirmed. The game has been confirmed for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC. Intrepid Izzy has been described as a 2D game that has a mash of different genres, with all sorts of gameplay elements including platforming, beat-em up, and adventure. You can see some the action in the release date trailer.

The key features of Intrepid Izzy include:

  • Four large levels where the player will spend most of their time.
  • Many hours to explore every corner, and some areas require special powers to reach with each of these levels having a different theme.
    • ‘Aztec Greece’ – a sunny place with temples, palm trees and flowers.
    • ‘Chocolate Mine’- a subterranean maze where the way forward has to be unlocked step by step.
    • ‘Haunted Forest’ is full of ghosts, bats and other creepy things.
    • ‘East Pole” is an icy world full of dangerous ninjas.
    • Awesome soundtrack by the critically acclaimed Ben Kurotoshiro.
  • A story filled with humorous dialogue, eccentric characters and mysterious secrets.

As players go through Intrepid Izzy they will unlock new costumes that give her additional powers to reach the different areas. One of those suits is the flying squirrel which allows Izzy to glide on air currents. The game will be priced at $10.99/10.99.

Source: Press Release

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