Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Game Pass in January

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Monster Hunter Rise is spreading its monstrous wings onto Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One and PS4 on 20th January 2023, bringing an end to the Nintendo Switch console exclusivity. Also already available on PC, Monster Hunter Rise will also be launching into Xbox Game Pass for console, PC and cloud at the same time.

A few short months later in Spring 2023, PlayStation and Xbox players will quickly see the release of the Sunbreak expansion to add a wealth of further things to see and do.

Monster Hunter Rise built on the success of Monster Hunter World, building in new ideas such as the Wirebug to perform mid-air grapple moves, Wyvern Riding and new hunting buddies called Palamutes. It’s a fantastic game, but it was strange to see it go Switch exclusive for its original 2021 release, considering the monumental success of World in reaching a broader Western audience.

As it jumps over to Xbox and PlayStation, it will feature 4K and 60FPS gameplay on Xbox Series x and PlayStation 5, while making used of 3D audio on the current generation consoles, and tapping into the DualSense adaptive trigger tech of the PS5.

The base game Monster Hunter Rise will be priced at the rather reasonable point of $39.99 at launch (though you can also get it with a Game Pass subscription). Sunbreak will add an additional cost when it comes out in Spring 2023.

It’s perhaps best to look back on the PC version of the game for what the PS and Xbox release will offer. In our Monster Hunter Rise PC review, Dom said:

“Rise was a stunning showcase for the Switch, but it is still a handheld powered by rapidly ageing hardware and that put some constraints on the game. What might the game be like with some actual processing power behind it? The answer is that it’s more or less perfect, though anyone expecting Rise to suddenly match Monster Hunter World’s level of visual fidelity should have their expectations tempered somewhat.”

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