Neon White is heading to PS5 and PS4 on December 13th

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Neon White is going to be released for PS5 and PS4 and December 13th, Annapurna Interactive has confirmed. The fast-paced speed running FPS was released earlier this year for PC and Nintendo Switch. Players take on the role of White, an assassin who is plucked from Hell to compete against others for a chance to gain a place in Heaven.

The missions themselves are broken down into bite size chunks and Neo White uses a card based weapons system to get through the levels. The games soundtrack has been composed by Machine Girl. The game has been one of the best received games of 2022, and you can read just how much Miguel loved it in our review.

In our review for Neon White, Miguel wrote, “Neon White is a love letter to turn-of-the-decade internet weirdos. It’s full of rule-of-cool anime nostalgia, ear-shredding electronic music, and dialogue ripped straight out of my group chats. It’s a genuine game made for an audience rarely prioritised, but even if you don’t fit the archetypical person this game was made for, you’re still in for the most stylish and satisfying action-platformer I’ve ever experienced.”
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