Sky Children of the Light will be available on PlayStation consoles December 6th

sky ps4 ps5
sky ps4 ps5

Sky: Children of the Light will be available for PlayStation consoles from December 6th, thatgamecompany has confirmed. It was back in September, that Sky: Children of the Light would be coming to PS5 and PS4 in December, but there was no specific date at the time. A new trailer has been released in collaboration with YouTuber “SAD-ist”, with it giving a look at part of the game’s story.

In addition to this announcement, thatgamecompany has also announced a Journey Pack, which provides some items inspired by the 2012 game. The Journey pack will include comes with a cape, hood and mask. The designs will be inspired by those from Journey too. The pack will set you back a bit with it being priced at $24.99.

When the PlayStation reveal was initially made, thatgamecompany said, “We said in our previous 3rd Anniversary blog post that we have some surprises in store for the community. Today it’s time to share one of those surprises we’re planning: The work has begun to bring Sky to PlayStation! Our goal throughout Sky’s development has been to expand the game so that players can gather in Sky no matter what platform they play on. After initially launching on iOS in 2019, the game welcomed Android players in 2020, followed by Switch players in 2021. With the next port to PlayStation, we’re excited to extend the circle of light even further.”

Sky: Children of the Light is a free to play title in which players explore different realms in a fallen kingdom, with each of these realms representing different stages of life. Players have capes to help them fly around the world, and there is a large emphasis on social play where players can meet and befriend each other.

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  1. I have to ask – is the journey pack an actual physical cape,hood and mask that you can wear? Price seems quite reasonable if so. Or has thatgamescompany tumbled down the warren of overpriced-in-game-gubbins for FTP games? Please let it be the former.

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