GigaBash Godzilla Kaiju DLC pack revealed along with update 1.1

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GigaBash will have some major new DLC available for it, as Passion Republic Games has confirmed the most famous of kaiju of them all stomps in. The Godzilla 4 Kaiju Pack DLC will add four monsters including Godzilla, Gigan, Mechagodzilla, and Destoroyah. All the characters will have unique movesets, and will prove a challenge to the monsters of GigaBash. In addition, update 1.1 is also being released.

GigaBash update 1.1 will include a number of improvements and additions, which are listed below.

Onslaught Mode: Play Solo or with another friend in co-op Couch Play as you battle against endless waves of enemies. Acquire buffs as you progress and break the record for the highest number of waves cleared on the global leaderboard. You will also be rewarded with unique skins only unlockable through this mode as you clear a certain wave number. Can you survive the onslaught?

Arcade Mode: Test your mastery of your favorite characters! In this singleplayer mode, challenge yourself against 8 random Ai-controlled enemies with increasing difficulty and solidify your rank by defeating the Final Boss. Do you have what it takes to beat ‘em all?

Mayhem Online: You asked, we delivered! By popular request, players can now enjoy Mayhem mode online via Private Match. Invite your friends and indulge in this wacky collection of minigames together.

Cross-Platform Matchmaking & Online mode updates: We have upgraded our Crossplay feature! Now, players from all platforms share the same public matchmaking pool via Public Match. However, players will not be able to invite their friends from another platform via Private Match. We’ve also added an Emote Menu in the Online Mode so players can have some fun with GigaBash emojis while they wait for other players to be ready for battle.

In our GigaBash review, Dom wrote, “GigaBash is a love letter to Kaiju cinema, assuming that a love letter can involve throwing buildings at each other. Raucous, entertaining, and brilliantly designed, GigaBash deserves to stomp its way into players’ hearts around the globe.”

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