Halo Infinite December Update – The Pit returns, Custom Game Browser, free core unlocks

Halo Infinite December Update includes new Empyrian Map Header

The latest mid-season ‘Drop Pod’ update for Halo Infinite has arrived, the December update rounding out 2022 with a new map, custom game browser, some minor cross-core cosmetic unlocks and more!

The new map is actually an old map, the legendary level ‘The Pit’ that debuted in Halo 3 and has now been remade and reimagined as Empyrean using the recently launched Forge custom level creator. As an officially made and released map, it will be available in matchmaking as well as custom games.

Speaking of which, there’s now a Custom Game Browser, for those who want to venture off the beaten path and find more unique matches and games more easily. This was originally meant to arrive with Season 3, but the 343 team has pushed to get the V1 iteration of this out today. Players will now be able to browse popular creations in the Forge and either create online lobbies or join those that have been set to open or were invited to.

Head here for all the details on how the CGB works.

Halo Infinite Custom Game Browser UI

Beyond these features, 343 has taken another incremental step toward opening up the customisation options in game. Firstly, all armour cores are now freely available, and secondly, the 10 Cadet coatings and colours have been made universal.

  • All present Armor Cores are now available to all players. This means that all players now possess the Mark VII, Mark V [B], RAKSHASA, YOROI, and EAGLESTRIKE Armor Cores for free.
  • All 10 Cadet Coatings have been added to existing Armor Cores. Similar to the above, each Armor Core now has a starting suite of 10 Cadet Coatings—this includes the non-default Cores, and they will also be included with all future Cores.

And then there’s improvement to mouse and keyboard play (there’s now a walk button!), some improvements to various ‘desync’ issues, in-game player reporting on the scoreboard, and some tweaks to the overall sandbox, changing the ‘snap slide’ and energy sword in particular.

343’s patch notes are always written in an atypical fashion, so here’s a link to their patch notes page.

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