Moss and Moss: Book II are being enhanced for PSVR 2 launch

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The adventures of the diminutive mouse Moss are being enhanced and re-released for the launch of PlayStation VR 2. Moss and Moss: Book II will both be day one launch titles for the new generation VR headset on 22nd February 2023.

It’s worth noting at the top that this release is not a free or discounted upgrade from PSVR to PSVR 2. Instead they are being offered with a pre-order discount of 10% if bought individually (from £21.99 to £19.49) or 20% for the bundle of both (regular price £32.49).

Both games are being thoroughly enhanced over the versions that are currently available for the original PSVR hardware. That goes from being able to offer 90fps and 4K, to improved environmental and character detail and enhanced lighting, and making use of the new Sense controllers for two-handed play, and haptic feedback.

Some of the groundwork for polyarc will have already been done thanks to Moss and Moss: Book II both being available on Oculus Quest and PC-based VR platforms, which have long used individual hand controllers and, on PC, to pump out higher quality effects. Even so, the side-by-side comparison shot for the original game does show a big step forward in effects work, and there will be a lot of work to adapt the game to Sony’s new VR SDK, making the most of the PSVR 2’s new features in the process.

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“Since learning about and getting our hands on PS VR2 hardware earlier this year, we’ve experimented with its new tech features and perfected ways to increase the immersion players feel in the world of Moss,” said Doug Burton, designer, Polyarc. “Along with that, the team was able to pump even more visual detail into every character and environment with more lighting and texture improvements that make the already stunning environments sing even more on the PS VR2. Now, millions of new and existing fans can experience the enhanced versions of Moss and Moss: Book II on the latest VR hardware coming to market.”

Moss has quickly become a must-play game series for VR, and the sequel builds on everything that the original did so well. In our glowing Moss: Book 2 review, Gamoc said:

“Moss: Book 2 expands and improves on its predecessor in every way. Whether it’s the emotional attachment you develop with Quill, the surprising twists the story goes through, or the inventiveness of the combat and puzzles, Moss: Book 2 is creative in a way that delights at every turn.”

Source: Press release, PS Blog

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  1. The bundle is 26% off, not 20%. Or 17% off compared to buying them both at that pre-order price. Which is actually 11% off for each.

    And weirdly, the first game is more expensive for the PS5 version, but the second one is cheaper than the PS4 version.

    Plus no upgrade path? I think that’s going to be a “wait for a sale” thing for a lot of people.

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